Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick tip!

Hey lovelies..

Here's a quick tip for you. Now when your cleaning your brushes .. either spot or deep cleaning have the bristles, have you ever had the bristles crush? Well i have a quick solution for those pesky brush hairs.

1 Grab your brow/ lash brush

2. Take the brush with the crushed bristles in one hand and the brow brush in the other
3. Now comb out the brush gently

 And whaa-la  brush has not crushed bristles!!

I hope this was helpful for everyone!


Take care and remember to " Play Hard, Look Fabulous"!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics - A Review

                                   BRAZEN: (bra`zehn) 1) Shameless and bold. 2) Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity.
The Company:

 I have been eyeballing Brazen Cosmetics for a while now on etsy.. They have a fab selection and the products pictures are done very professionally as well as they seemed to be a well established fav of the indie makeup world so I went ahead to start my order. There are alot to choose from and couldn't make up my mind so I started searched for a sample pack. I actually couldn't find some so I sent a convro to the company asking if they did samples. The lovely owner Sandi sent me a swift reply saying she sure does and will make a custom listing for me.. she also offered to help with color selection. I thought that was awesome of her!! Since my purchase Sandi has closed her etsy shop and is avalible on Artfire. Brazen is getting their very own website opening May 1st!
*Note: This post is real late due to her Brazen was closed because she moved and I was waiting till she re-opened, also with my uber busy life lately. Be sure to check out the SURPRISE at the end of the post!!!*

Shipping and packaging:
So I ordered on March 1st and by march 3rd I had a tracking number. Well sandi was nice enough to send me an email to let me know it actually went out on the 4th.. Which is very nice of her. I still think its quick ship out time!! My package arrived on the 11th so a little over a week from ordering time, which isn't bad. My stuff arrived in a regular bubble mailer. Inside was my invoice with a personalized thank you written, which I like. 2 free samples (1 lip scrub and 1 shadow) and my 5 shadows! My shadows were wrapped securely in tissue paper! There was also a business card that said thank you and had a coupon code for next order! Shipping was $2.75. $2.25 for the 1st item and $.50 every item after that. That very good for shipping

The Products:
Full size shadows : $5.49 for a 5 gram jar and sifter full of product
Sandi created a custom listing for me for my sample I got 4 3 gram jars for $10. It had tons of shadow in them
I got 5 shadows , 4 samples and 1 full size limited edition and they were all individually sealed. The full size has a sifter . the samples came in a jar and not a baggie. Each jar has the name and the ingredients on the bottom. I really am in love with these colors ! They are uber pigmented and vibrant and last all day! The colors also go on and blend like butter and you only need a teeny bit it really goes a long way. There was also a free sample of Jinx and Mango mango lip scrub

Shenanigans (full size LE)- so I first have to say is i got this color for 2 reason .. 1 its a beautiful forest green and 2 because of the name. I am Irish and love all things Irish ( I mean i have 4 leaf clovers tattooed to my hand and the Irish flag tattooed to my arm) . This color is described as a dark forest green , almost black with green sparkles. I have used this color as a crease color, lid and liner and WOW it looks amazing.

Karma (sample jar)- A light to medium purple that when applied looks almost florescent with pink,purple and blue sparkles. This is by far my favorite purple i own ans i own alot of purples! I can not wait to get a full jar of this color. This is defiantly a awesome of the awesome color!

Music Box (sample jar) A tealish blue with blue and purple sparkles.. I have worn this color alot since I've gotten it and I have received soo many compliments on it.. This color is so beautiful and bright.

Coy (sample jar) A turquoise with blue shift, purple micro glitter and highlight. This is a very nice color and works awesome as a liner!

Alluring (sample jar) -  Blue/green and some days it looks like green/blue, with aqua sheen and green sparkle . This is an awesome color, Looks amazing as a crease and liner! 

Jinx ( free sample ) -A purple lilac shimmery shade!! Looks fan to the tabulous when applied foiled(wet) has a metallicness thing happening. 

Mango Mango lip scrub ( free sample) "Lip scrub will keep the dry flakies at bay and soften up skin so that your lips are always ready for their close-up." Wow this is another awesome of the awesomeness product.. I use this almost everyday and my lip have never felt softer!!  <3 it!
                                                                  (click on pic to make it huge) 
Top:Dry, Bottom :Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk  Left to Right- Jinx,Coy, Karma,Music Box, Alluring Shenanigans 
Final thought:
-Great colors
-The color payoff is wonderful
-Amazing customer service
-Good pricing ( fairly competitive)
-Great packaging
-Found my favorite purple ever (Karma)
Cons: NONE!!!!!!!

Will I be ordering again? 
Most defiantly. I'm actually waiting on an order! I really like how Sandi is very active on the Brazen Facebook page.. She goes on frequently and always comment on fans pic, questions and comments. They have new products often!  I think this is an amazing company and everyone should go right now and check it out!!! <3<3<3

Sandi was nice enough to offer a promo to all of you beautiful readers!!! How does a free gift sound?? Awesome right!!! Well enter the code Christa and you will get a free gift on purchases $25 dollars and over!!! Wow free gift.. Hoorayyyy!! What are you waiting for go check Brazen out!! <3<3 

Take care everyone and remember "Play Hard , Look Fabulous"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Rose Minerals: A review

The Company:I just stumbled across Black Rose Minerals one night and immediately fell in love with the name! So I decided to check out their site. BRM site is easy to navigate, Its broken down into category's, Full size, sample size.. etc. Its also has sub categories listed by color which I like I usually gear more towards greens, purples and pinks! All the colors are beautifully swatched and have cute names and each listing has product descriptions and whether its lip safe, nail or face safe. The ingredients are listed for each individual color! I decided on picking up 2 sample kits 1 kit containing 6 jars and 1 containing 10 baggies.  Rosa the lovely owner emailed immediately responding that my order has been received and she also includes additional samples in every order.. if there were any that i especially would like to choose. I said that she can just surprise me!! She also sent an additional email asking which colors would I like in jars ( I completely forgot to list that.. it was 4 am and insomnia was kicking my butt) so I replied which ones I wanted. Now that is awesome customer service!!

Shipping and packaging:
                                                        (Click on pic to make it huge!)
I placed my order early morning on March 24th and paid through paypal . I received my package on April 1st. Everything came in a regular mailer inside was my shadows wrapped in tissue paper and bubble-wrap, they were also in plastic bags. I received an invoice which had a thank you written on it as well as stickers.. I think its a nice touch!. Also included was a business card , A discount code and a handwritten note from Rosa the owner. There were also 3 extra smaller samples. I did receive a conformation email about my order was shipped. Shipping was free!!

 The Products
                                               (Click on pic to make it huge!)

So my 19 samples are as the following 6 came in a jar 10 came in a bag and free samples and the free samples came in a smaller baggie * all product description are taken right from the site*
Sample jars 1/4 teaspoon in a 3 gram jar.. I think these jars are cute!
Sample bags 1/8 teaspoon.. These are larger baggies and do make is easier to grab shadow but they are very flimsy bags and they kinda tear
                                            (Click on pic to make it huge!)
Full size shadows-without sifter is approx 3/4 -1 teaspoon  with sifter is 1/2 to a 3/4 teaspoon. I dont know what size jars theses are but a rough guess is a 5gram jar
Alice- " A mixed blue with massive amounts of aqua and glitter, High Shine and High Glitter"!
Alpine-"This light blue is like a snowy sky. It has a delicate lavender iridescence that really shines when worn wet. Wear dry for a sheer frosty blue highlight."
Confused- "What color is it? We don't really know. But our sources tell us there may be violet, gold, green and/or blue. What we do know is that it's a great sheer neutral." Denver-" A bright light orange with a shimmery golden finish"
Ghost-" A true matte white"
Glam- "A vibrant high-shimmer purple with a pinkish metallic shine and a touch of turquoise and pink glitter. The violet tones are accentuated when worn wet. The beautiful glitter finish shows best when worn dry."
Hocus Pocus-" A magical magenta hue voilet highlights and aqua and purple shimmer'
Jessica's Favorite-" A shimmery violet with magenta hues"
Lady-" A beautiful blue-green with gold shimmer.Like the lady of legens its both mysterious and appealing"
Liberty-"like the lady, this green is very much like oxidized copper. a little bit of pink glitter with a slight metallic finish"
Little boy-" A shimmery metallic blue"
Medusa-" This won't turn men to stone, but it may stop them in their tracks.This deep green glitter away when worn dry and shimmers like scales when worn wet."
Mome Rath- ' This shocking violet nearly glows on its own, Magenta undertones add to its appeal"
Noxious-" a very shimmery greenish- yellow"
Phantom-"Mysteriously dark, but it won't fade into the night. This deep violet has a splash of purple, blue and pink glitter
"Poseidon-" A powerful teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter"
Ultraviolence- an iridescent lavender in a pearly white base"
Were Me Out-" Best suited for the two natured, this dark green is extremely shimmery,Wet turns into a metallic green while dry shows off shimmery tone"
Zelda-"A missing link between green and pearly white. This light green is slightly minty with a pearlescent shine. Worn dry it shows off sheer green, wet reveals a more Elfen shimmer with a pearly shine."

These are some intense colors! they blend beautiful and last all day. My favorites are Medusa, Were me out, Posiden, Hocus Pocus, Jessica's Favorite, Ultraviolence and Noxious, Zelda, Phantom and Confused
                                              (Click on pic to make it huge!)
                Top:Dry.. Middle NYX jumbo pencil in Milk Bottom: Nyx jumbo pencil in Black Bean
From right to left: Denver, Confused, Alice, Lady, Hocus Pocus, Phantom, Zelda, Were Me Out, Posiden, Medusa, and Glam
                                               (Click on pic to make it huge!)
Same order top to bottom Right to left: Alpine, Noxious, Ultraviolence, Mome Rath, Liberty, Ghost, Little Boy, Jessica's Favorite
 Final thought:
                                             (Click on pic to make it huge!)
                          I used Ghost, Hocus Pocus, Noxious,Posiden, and Medusa
- Great variety of colors
- Easy site navigation
- Excellent customer service
- Pretty good shipping time from Cali to Jersey 
- Beautiful colors 
- Blending is good and they last all day
-Excellent presentation!

- I didn't like the baggies they are easily breakable

Will I be ordering agian?
Oh most defiantly.. I think this is a cute company , I love the name , customer service and products.  I cant wait to see what other awesome colors and products this company will come up with! I am sure we will be seeing great things from this company!!!

What do you think?

Make sure if you have some BRM looks to share them on my Facebook page!! And remember to " Play Hard . Look Fabulous" !
                                               (Click on pic to make it huge!)
                             I used Ghost, Zelda, Medusa, Were Me out and Liberty

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Concrete Minerals - A review

The Company:I heard about Concrete Minerals from the The Snarky Princess and decided to give them a look! I first checked them out on facebook and they have alot of loyal followers and the pictures of product in use seemed amazing.. So I rushed over to etsy and started browsing around and they have a pretty good selection of product. I was actually looking for a sample pack, I am sketchy on ordering full size products from a company I never ordered from so I convroed the owner and asked her if they offer a sample pack other the youtube/blogger sample pack ( in order to meet their criteria to get the yt/blogger sample pack you have to have 50 subbies) the owner Emily replied very quickly and apoligized that they arent offering sample packs at this time byt refered me to the FB special. They are currently running a facebook fan special .. 2 shadows for 7:99 so I decided to place an order. Altogether shipping was 2.99
Shipping and packaging:

(click picture to enlarge)
I placed my order on March 22 and on March 24th I recieved a conformation email and a tracking number! I personally love when company do this. My package came in on March 29 so 5 days from shipping notice and 7 days from the time I placed my order. My shadows came in a bubble wraper. This company packs their customers products adorably, Inside in a plastic bag were my 2 shadows, in another plastic bag was a sample jar and a card that said 'thank you" as well as a discount code for my next order. There was also instuctions on how to put mineral makeup on, which I think is cute, not everyone knows how to put them on.
The Products:

Shadows are usually without the special are $5.99 for a 10gram jar and sifter that is "filled with product"
Now when I got them they were flled about half way with product it wasnt as "filled" as I thought they were going to be. On the description it doesnt say how much is going to be in the container it just says filled with product. All in all though given its a 10 gram jar even with the sifter I would say its about 3-4 grams which is still excellant for the price you pay. The colors also have fantastic color payoff. You only need a teeny bit to go a long way! They also blend very nicely!

                                                            (click on picture to enlarge)
Temptress - Dark teal with gold sparkle. Oh my goodness this color is amazing.. so vibrant and fun, it really pops when applied wet.

Jezebel - A purple with lots of sparkle. This is a really intense purple. Its dark but not too dark. It looks amazing applied wet and at the crease. Jezebel is a fun color can you could wear it for any occassion, dress it up , dress it down.. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Doe Eyed (sample) : A deep cocoa brown with gold flecks. This is a pretty color. I don't wear brown very often so haven't done a look with this color yet , but still glad to have it in the collection.

                                                         (click on picture to enlarge)
                                      Left side is dry- Right side over NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
                                      Top to Bottom: Jezebel, Temptress, and Doe-Eyed
Final thought:


-Great color payoff
-Customer service is good!
-Wonderful Packaging
-Nice variety of colors to choose from
-Colors bled very nicely
-Good shipping time
-Fairly competive pricing and shipping  price is excellant

- Not as "filled" as I thought they were going to be

Will I be ordering agian?
Yes , Most definalty and soon!

What do you think of Concrete minerals? What are your favorite colors?
Take care everyone, and remember to " Play Hard, Look Fabulous"