Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inglot Review

By now most of you know about Inglot by now. I am sure you have seen tons of swatches and have read the love of this company from others. Well I recently bought from them and got to say I am impressed!! Not only the shipping is uber quick I ordered on May 26th and on May 28th got my package... Yes I said that right.. 2 days! Granted I live in NJ and NY is only 1 1/2 away from me, but still awesome quick! My order came in a bubble mailer , nice and secure!

I do have to say that using the site can be a little overwhelming at first but I quickly caught on.

I got the 5 pan palette which came to $5.00. (originally it was 10 but because I got 5 shadows it was discounted to $5.00) each shadow pan is normally $7.00 but the more you spend the less the price becomes, so they ended up being $5.00 each. Shipping was $7.00 which is a bit pricey but guessing it's cause its a heaver product. Tax was $2.59. Altogether it was $39.59.

Now for the colors

#362 Matte pink
                                Messed up on numbers 384and 362 while editing.. but colors are placed in proper colors#477 Double sparkle bright green

#384 Matte Green
                            Messed up on numbers 362 and 384 while editing.. but colors are placed in proper colors
#392 Matte purple

#372 Matte Teal

Ok I know I went a little nutty with the mattes but hey for $40 bucks I am gonna get colors I will use alot , and Wowzers do I use them alot! I use #372 the most, Its just about the perfect purple! I love the magnetic palette and fortunately I mastered getting the top off without nicking my shadows! (now that I said that I am jinxed for life lol). The shadows are super pigmented and blend beautifully! Only real downfall is there is alot of product dusting which means when you get the shadow out of the pan , there is alot of shadow loose in the pan

So will I order agian.. Heck yeah, when I have the moolah.

Now what's you favorite Inglot colors/products?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Meow Cosmetics- A review

This is a video review instead of a typed out one.. Sorry to all my readers for it taking so long..

Part 1-
Part 2-

                                                     As you can see Skeptic leaked
                                                           Side view of skeptic

                                                 Over E.L.F eye primer : L to R
                                          Paranormal, Skeptic, Accident,Wild Child
                                                Sexy, Para?, Spell, Schitzo,Sexy Pants
Please remember this is my option and in no way should be a decision maker in wether you order or not.. This is based on my and my along expirence.

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