Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SweetPea and Fay- A review

The Company and Ordering:

Sometimes when I am trying to kill sometime before I go to sleep I'll browse through etsy on my phone.. Filing through the many pages of stuff that really didn't catch my eye, I came upon Sweetpea and Fay . They have a good amount of products and a few caught my eye. I really didn't find to many reviews on them but figured I'd pick up a few items. They were also having a sale via their facebook page, which they always do!

Shipping and packaging:

I placed my order on march 2nd. I keep pretty good track of my purchases, and by march 8th I still didnt see a shipped status and havent recieved any emails from them so I sent out a quick convro to see if everything went through ok. They responded quickly saying everything went through and they were shipping it on the 9th and i should get it in 2-3 buisness days. The company is held in Rochester NY. My order came in on the 14th, so a little under 2 weeks for my order to arrive.. SP&F only ships on Mon, Wens, and Fri , and they do state that the product ships in 3-4 after ordering. So adding it all up it makes sense the time it took. When it did arrive my order came in a bubble wrapper inside was a cute purple paper bag with the company sticker to seal it. Inside the bag was my products and a buisness card, no invoice which isnt a big deal but still nice to have the hardcopy. Altogether shipping was $2.59 which is awesome!

The Products:

I ended up buying 3 shadows and a lipgloss

Men in uniform- "is a forest like green with a shimmery appearance when applied. It has gold and hunter green reflects." I really like this color but you know me, I <3 my greens .. I like this one because its a darker green but not too dark.. great color for the lid!!

Super Duper: "is a really vibrant teal color. It had a satin like look to it when applied. It also has some shimmer to it, but if your looking for a really shimmery teal I would go with "Whoopsey Doopsey". Super Duper has a more satin finish to it." WOW what a fun color! Its bright and blends very nicely.. also looks amazing as a liner!

Tom Foolery: " is a dark smokey like purple. it goes on with plum colored sheen while also having purple and pink reflects." OMG my favorite of the bunch and one of my top 5 fav purples!

Pixie Blood Lip gloss: These are all natural lip glosses that give just a tid bit of colorand that are non-sticky. Well all is true about them.. Its a great lip gloss, they are non sticky and not a heavy gloss, which i love about it. Now the only thing is to me they smell a tad funky.. Now not a nasty funky but just different. I do have a sensitivity to smells, now I had my neice try it out and she says she loves it she says it has a nice smell and if she wore gloss this would be the one. So to each their own. I do have to say I do wear this gloss and it looks and feels great! Now SP&F have a 100% money back guarantee that if you aren't satisfied send it back for credit or money back, but i do like the lipgloss so I am going to keep it and its a nice addition to my collection!

                                      Left side: Pixie blood lip gloss. Top to Bottom:
                                    Tom Foolery, Super Duper, and Men in Uniform
                                      Top to Bottom over Nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk
                                      Men in Uniform, Super Duper and Tom Foolery
Final thought:


-Awesome colors!
-They always are having sales as well as a color of the week
-Cute packaging
-Good customer service and active on Facebook!

- It took a little long for shipping, which I do understand they only ships on certain days
-the gloss wasn't my favorite but still a good one

Will I be ordering agian?  I might, they seem to be a good company and have great customer service!

SweetPea and Fay is still a growing company, I look forward on seeing more products from them and more people ordering from them!

Who know a follow up may be in the future!

Take Care everyone and remember to " Play Hard , Look Fabulous'

   A look I did using Sweet Pea and Fay. I used Top Foolery at the crease and    Super Duper on the lid and as a line
                                 ****Descriptions for the shadows came directly from the shops etsy shp***


  1. I've been watching this company for a long time but haven't really tried anything yet. The Sailor lip gloss looks interesting. Great review!

  2. Thx!! u should , I think it will be worth it!!!

  3. I LOVE SP&F's pricing and the way it's branded, sealed and packaged. I only have 2 eyeshadows so far and one lip gloss, but I have bought them all separately and keep coming back for more! My lip gloss was nowhere NEAR as opaque as the listing photos made it look, but I still love it, just wish the pics were more accurate. Overall I think it's a great startup.

  4. Most def!! I think if the company keeps at it they will go very far in the business .. there are soo many makeup companies and as far as indie companies , its very competitve.. but i think they will do great!