Saturday, January 21, 2012

Evil Shades Cosmetics- A Review

 The Company:
I have seen reviews and looks done with EvilShades Cosmetics for awhile now and for some reason I just never ordered from them.. I have browsed the site.. but never placed an order.. honestly I have no idea why.. after a couple blogger friends told me I HAVE to order from ES I told myself I will place no other order till I order from ES.. I decided to go with a blogger pack which offered my choice of 5 shadows, 3 blushes and 4 lippies for $10.00.

Shipping and packaging:
It only took a couple weeks for my order to arrive ( I completely forgot to type everything down) but everything came within TAT time. My order arrived in a bubble mailer and everything came in a super cute soft teal organza bag. The shadows came in clamshells, the blushes came in a pot shell? I don't know what they are called and the lippies came in a mix of clamshell and a cute little holder..

The Products

13th Hour- "Deep Shimmer Blue"

Chusi - Bright blue based purple with pink shimmer/duo tone

Illusive- A red based matte purple

Nightshade - Bright red based purple/fuchsia

Reondite - Medium Aqua with pink shimmer

Polaris Spectrum Pot (free sample) - Sparkling silver

                                                   From L-R over UDPP: Chusi, Illusive, Nightshade
                                                      From L-R over UDPP: 13th Hr, and Reondite

Backtalk- Hot bubblegum pink with a soft orange/tangerine shift

Daydream- A pink toned coral with gold shift

Pouty- Soft sweet matte lilac

Skön (free sample)- Berry/plum with strong pink shift (Skön is Swedish for beautiful)

                                             From L-R over dry skin : Daydream,Skon, Pouty, and Backtalk


Mage- Magical cool tone green on the edge of metallic

Lost Kiss- The hardcore version of our Suffocation gloss, a soft fuchsia pink with extreme blue/violet shift 

Féline's Kyss- Neutral soft pink with blue shimmer and crushed pearl flakes

Deception :  Pink toned nude with golden shimmer                                                

 As far as the shadows.. all shadows go on super smooth and look great! I know I went a little nutty with the purples but.. you know me .... :)  The blushes are lovely and unique! The lippies are amazing and much better then I thought! The only thing is that Deception is a bit clumpy and a little oily.. it could have been the container or maybe that is the way it is.. but it's a great color!


Renodite (shadow)
Chusi (shadow)
Illusive (shadow)
Daydream (blush)
Lost Kiss (lip)
Felines kiss (lip)

Final thought:


-Fair pricing
-Shipped withing TAT
-Cute packaging 
-Pretty good Selection
-Great color payoff
-Unique color palette

-The only complaint I have is that Deception was a little clumpy and oily.. it may have been cause of the small container.

Will I be ordering agian? Most definitely!! I have got to get my hands on some of those lippies..I like this company.. not only the persona.. but the final product!! Can't wait for my next order!!!

What are you favorite EvilShades products? Any must haves?

                                          (Make sure to click on any pic for a larger view!!)