Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Concrete Minerals - A review

The Company:I heard about Concrete Minerals from the The Snarky Princess and decided to give them a look! I first checked them out on facebook and they have alot of loyal followers and the pictures of product in use seemed amazing.. So I rushed over to etsy and started browsing around and they have a pretty good selection of product. I was actually looking for a sample pack, I am sketchy on ordering full size products from a company I never ordered from so I convroed the owner and asked her if they offer a sample pack other the youtube/blogger sample pack ( in order to meet their criteria to get the yt/blogger sample pack you have to have 50 subbies) the owner Emily replied very quickly and apoligized that they arent offering sample packs at this time byt refered me to the FB special. They are currently running a facebook fan special .. 2 shadows for 7:99 so I decided to place an order. Altogether shipping was 2.99
Shipping and packaging:

(click picture to enlarge)
I placed my order on March 22 and on March 24th I recieved a conformation email and a tracking number! I personally love when company do this. My package came in on March 29 so 5 days from shipping notice and 7 days from the time I placed my order. My shadows came in a bubble wraper. This company packs their customers products adorably, Inside in a plastic bag were my 2 shadows, in another plastic bag was a sample jar and a card that said 'thank you" as well as a discount code for my next order. There was also instuctions on how to put mineral makeup on, which I think is cute, not everyone knows how to put them on.
The Products:

Shadows are usually without the special are $5.99 for a 10gram jar and sifter that is "filled with product"
Now when I got them they were flled about half way with product it wasnt as "filled" as I thought they were going to be. On the description it doesnt say how much is going to be in the container it just says filled with product. All in all though given its a 10 gram jar even with the sifter I would say its about 3-4 grams which is still excellant for the price you pay. The colors also have fantastic color payoff. You only need a teeny bit to go a long way! They also blend very nicely!

                                                            (click on picture to enlarge)
Temptress - Dark teal with gold sparkle. Oh my goodness this color is amazing.. so vibrant and fun, it really pops when applied wet.

Jezebel - A purple with lots of sparkle. This is a really intense purple. Its dark but not too dark. It looks amazing applied wet and at the crease. Jezebel is a fun color can you could wear it for any occassion, dress it up , dress it down.. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Doe Eyed (sample) : A deep cocoa brown with gold flecks. This is a pretty color. I don't wear brown very often so haven't done a look with this color yet , but still glad to have it in the collection.

                                                         (click on picture to enlarge)
                                      Left side is dry- Right side over NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
                                      Top to Bottom: Jezebel, Temptress, and Doe-Eyed
Final thought:


-Great color payoff
-Customer service is good!
-Wonderful Packaging
-Nice variety of colors to choose from
-Colors bled very nicely
-Good shipping time
-Fairly competive pricing and shipping  price is excellant

- Not as "filled" as I thought they were going to be

Will I be ordering agian?
Yes , Most definalty and soon!

What do you think of Concrete minerals? What are your favorite colors?
Take care everyone, and remember to " Play Hard, Look Fabulous"


  1. I LOVE Wicked and Deviant! Their colors are so complex and lovely <3

  2. awesome!!! I'll have to check them out!

  3. Napalm!!Smut you have to see to believe. Ordering from Em is ordering from a professional company. Which can be difficult to find in the indie makeup arena. She doesn't have 200 colors (yet) but takes a long time of careful testing and formulating before she releases new colors.

  4. I agree!! Napalm is one of the ones I wanted to try! Em is very professional and she seems very appreciative of her fans/customers.. she doesnt have a big head about her growing populartiy in the indie world.. she stays humble.. I have seen some indie companies grow bigger and they lose site of their roots.. I cant wait to see CM grow!!!

  5. I really like all these random companies you pull out of seemingly no where.
    For that, i've tagged you

  6. I'm with Anne, Smut is definitely one of my favs from CM--it looks amazing on the lid with Mad Hatter in the crease and a pale pink/lavender shimmer or white shimmer shadow for highlight!! Jezebel is another favorite, it's a beautiful shade!

  7. Hey love the shades :)
    BTW you have a lovely blog and I'm following.I hope you'll follow me back too.