About Me

I'm a 29 yr old Jersey chic!!! My passions in like are makeup and coaching.. Weird mix I know .. I love wearing makeup and doing makeup on others.. I feel I have my own little style for doing it. I am attempting to break into the makeup world professionally .. and yes I actually coach basketball for boys.. I have coached for almost 6 yrs for my towns league.   I'm also a tattoo freak!.. I have a tons of them and plan to get a lot more!!  I truly hope this blog reaches a few people and helps them on their journey of makeup.. and a little fashion thrown in there!!!

A Couple of Fun Facts:
My favorite color is hot pink but I nuts about green eyeshadow!
I LOVE clovers .. I even have them tattooed on my hand
My all time favorite show is Happy Days 
I am Chap stick obsessed
I always have to have coca-cola in the fridge
Halloween is my favorite holiday
I always have to sleep with the window opened a bit
Breakfast is my favorite meal
I love getting my nails done
Final fantasy 8 is my favorite video game
I eat peanut M&M's for the peanuts
The only part of winter I like is that I can wear my bathrobe a lot
I prefer flipflops to sneakers
Favorite band is Pantera
I'm a Carolina Panthers fan!
Weird NJ is my favorite magazine
I wear tank tops all year long
I prefer movies to TV
I LOVE Tyler Perry Movies!
Wet tables freak me out
I have REALLY long hair
I don't like fruity smells
I'm a metalhead that loves going to the club!
Favorite drink from Starbucks is Mocha Frapp
Horror Movies are my favorite
I prefer salty snacks vs sweet
I drink Miller Lite
I am a true Jersey chic.. from the "attitude" to the driving :)