FAQ/ Policies/Disclaimer

-In the pages of this blog you will find many reviews on makeup companies/ suppliers. I strive to bring you accurate information from ordering , shipping, and product information/usage. While I don't like bad reviews or even bad things being said, sometimes that will be the case. I am 100% honest and don't have a problem speaking my mind.

-Now just because I say something about a product or company, whether its bad , good or neutral , doesn't mean that that will be the case for everyone. Just because I like a company doesn't mean I am going to like everything they have to offer.

-All reviews are my own opinion, and I am protected under the 1st amendment - freedom of speech.

-All content of this blog is written by me Christa. This is my personal blog and I do not get paid for any content written.  -If you are a makeup company and have a problem with a review I did and would like to work it out please feel free to contact me at chrissyrozemua@yahoo.com. I do have to say please don't threaten me in any way shape or form. I know my rights.

-I do encourage my readers to leave comments!!! I love that!! , but I am not responsible for comments left.
I will not censor comments unless they are threatening

-Readers.. I do hope all of you leave comments!! I love reading them, but please be nice.

-All products are purchased by me, I will state otherwise if they were not.

-All swatches are done on my arms not my hands, being the fact I have tattoos on both of my hands!

-If you are a makeup company and would like me to try your product I would be more than happy to do so please email me at chrissyrozemua@yahoo.com . Please keep in mind I will be honest..

-If you have a suggestion or question please feel free to contact me at chrissyrozemua@yahoo.com