Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics - A review

The Company:
This company has been on my want list for awhile. After reading some reviews I decided to go to the site and place an order. Venomous Cosmetics has their own independent site and is easy to navigate. Each set of products has their own section , i.e. loose powder, loose powder samples, lip poisons. They also have many other products to come in the future VC also has the coolest names for their shadows and they also have collections! I went ahead and chose my colors. I paid via paypal!
Shipping and packaging:I place my order on May 4th and on May 6th I had a conformation and a tracking number. On May 9th I got my package! 5 days from ordering to delivery!! Outstanding!!! My products came in a flat box. All items were VERY securely wrapped, and when I say securely.. I mean securely. Each of the items came wrapped in bubble wrap and the bubblewrap was taped. There was no way anything was getting ruined! Also came with 2 free loose powder samples! Shipping was $4.95
The Products:
I got 8 loose powder samples, 3 pressed powder samples, An anywhere palette , and 1 purse size Lip poison
Full Size Powders are- $6.50 for a 5 gram jar wit sifter
Sample Powders are- $1.00 for 1/8 teaspoon
Full size Pressed are- $6.50 for 26 mm refill pan
Sample pressed are- $ 2.00 for a 15 mm pan
Lip Poisons are- $5.00 for a 5.9 ml tube
Lip Poison purse size are- $3.50 for 3.7 ml tube

Anywhere palette- $5.50
I think this is cute. I haven't seen an indie company do this.. Now I am sure others do but I haven't seen it . I also love the fact they have pressed samples!!

Loose Powder- Each loose powder comes in a baggies with the name and ingredients on it!

Surfing The Gold Coast- "Bright medium blue with gold sparkle"
A beautiful color, not one of my favs but I am glad i have it!
Lochness Monster - " Medium stormy blue"
Very lovely blue! Looks lovely with moon jelly!
Irish Countryside- " Medium green with green sparkle"
Is green, need I say more
Monster under your bed - " Black with green shift/shimmer"
I usually don't go for colors this dark but I am glad I got it! This color is GORGEOUS!!
Boomslang -"Sea Green"
I love this shade! I can't wait till I get a full size
Platypus- " Light to medium lavender"
I love this purple and am ordering a full size very soon.. This is an awesome of the awesome color!!
Rosie - "Medium mauve with slight pink and red highlights"
This is a pretty color, I haven't used it very much though
Moon Jelly- " Light lavender shimmer"
Wow this is a fun color and looks awesome as an inner corner color!
Blue Ringed Octopus- "Bright medium blue shimmer"
Wow awesome color! One of my fav blues!
Suntiger-" Light orange shimmer"
A nice orange. I don't really get into orange so I won't be getting a full size, but still a lovely color all in the same

Pressed Shadows:

Jersey Devil -" Orangey red shimmer"
I got this color because of the name!! I am a Jersey chic and grew up learning the tales of the Jersey Devil, as for the color its beautiful and one of my favs!
Gremlin - " Lime green with gold/yellow qualities"
I love this lime green color, lately I have been really into lime green!!!
Caribbean Cruise- " Dirty teal with golden hints"
This is another one I got because of the name! Anyone who knows me through facebook knows that I am going on a Caribbean cruise in November, as for the color it is a bit dark but still lovely!

Lip Poison:

Fairy- "Purple toned pink"
I LOVE THIS color! I have worn it a lot and it looks fab!! Its non sticky and last a bit. Honestly I'm a smoker so I can't really judge on hour wise how long it stays. It has a nice peppermint smell and taste .. ( not that I'm eating my gloss but .. Oh you know what I mean lol)
Top:Dry, Bottom: Over E.L.F Eye Primer
L-R Rosie,Platypus, Boomslang, Gremlin, Jersey Devil, Caribbean Cruise
Lochness Monster,Moon Jelly,Surfing the gold Coast,Irish Countryside,Suntiger,Blue-Ringed Octopus,Monster under your Bed
Final thought:


-Easy ordering
-Great color selection
-Super quick shipping
-Both pressed and loose shadows!
-Great blending and long lasting!

-Can't say anything bad!

Will I be ordering agian? Oh yes.. I already started getting what I want together. All the colors I got are bold and gorgeous! I can't wait till VC comes out with new products like eyeliner and stuff!

Have you tried Venomous Cosmetics? What are your favorites?

 Look I did using VC Moon Jelly, SunTiger, Boomslang, Blue-Ringed Octopus, and Platypus
 Look I did using, Gremlin,SunTiger and Jersey Devil

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