Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avenue B - A Jewelry Review

Awhile ago I was browsing around for makeup/B&B and jewelry and decided to go on Heartsy to see if there was anything that was any good . I haven't bought anything via Heartsy in a long while.. there was too much drama at one point plus nothing that tickled my fancy.. So I browsed Hearsty and found a cute little Jersey based jewelry shop called Avenue B.. well I found some cute things so I bought a voucher and placed my order. My goodies arrived a couple weeks later in a bubble mailer. 1 necklace came in an organza bag and the other necklace and earrings came in a little box.

Octopus Cameo necklace: I ordered this in pink and black . It also is silver plated and came with a ball chain. I really like this necklace!

Pretty Little Darling : A Dead Cameo Necklace: This is gunmetal plated. I love this necklace! It looks fabulous and I have gotten so many compliments on it!!

Black Glittery Ear Stud Flowers: These are cute but a bit big for my ears.. so won't be worn all the time but are cute for a special occasion!

I like this shop! They have tons of pieces and the price isn't to bad, and they are from Jersey which is awesome (WOOT WOOT)

Will I order again? Heck yeah.. When I get the funds! Now my makeup collection is crazy awesome I think I'm going to work on my jewelry collection!