Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RagDolls Bath and Body- A review

The Company and Ordering:

I have heard plenty of wonderful things about RagDolls Bath and Beauty from various bloggers and they have been on my list for quiet awhile. After looking and relooking at the shop I finally decided to give them a shot! RDBB is located on Artfire. Artfire is easy to browse and RDBB break their products into sections , which is always wonderful!! RDBB has tons of cute products, collections , bath and body and even jewelry!

Shipping and packaging:On Oct 4th I placed my order. I ended up picking up a bloggers review pack and the Twilight sample set. A few hours later It was marked shipped and it arrived on Oct 6th.. 2 day shipping.. hell to the yeah!!!!( I think it took a couple days but this is what I wrote down..)  My pretties arrived in a small bubble mailer. Everything came in a organza bag. My sample shadows were wrapped in tissue paper, along with business card , button and temp tat! Kudos for such cute packaging!!

The Products:Bloggers Review Set: For shadows I received the not yet released Thanksgiving set! (Please forgive my descriptions, I may be off.. my eyes are getting old ) 

Love You Long Time- "This eye primer is a thick, creamy consistency and works like a glue for your eyelids"
OMG I love this stuff! I am ordering a full size very soon. It works great and lasts all day. Very easy to use and about 15 bucks cheaper than the primer I usually use!

Lust Blush - "A deeper, shimmery pink for your cheeks."
A pretty blush.. I am not huge into face makeup so really don't know how to compare.. I did use a couple times and Lust blends nice and lasts a while!

Tickle me Lip Balm- 
This is such a pretty color! If I got to choose a color for my lips to always be it would be this color. My only complaint is that this balm is a little greasy.

Turkey - A bright gold with gold glitter
Awesome lid color.. and it screams when foiled!

Pumpkin Pie - Orange with Gold glitter
Very nice color!! Reminds me of a pumpkin!!!

Mashed Potatoes - Beige white with tons of pearly sparkle
This looks cool as a highlight color or even an inner corner color. If your more of a soft color person this is great for you!

Gravy- Deep Brown with gold and pearly flecks
This makes an amazing smokey eye.. Also works great as a deep crease color or liner.

Green Bean Casserole - Med-dark green with gold duo chrome .. Kinda metallic
This has to be my favorite color in the bunch!! Absolutely beautiful color. I will be picking a full size of this color up! Green Bean Casserole has moved up to one of my favorite greens!

Cranberries- Red with pearly sparkles
Very pretty red!
(Agian I hope I got the descriptions close)
                      All swatches done over Love you long time: L-R Turkey,Cranberries,Mashed Potatoes
                                                        L-R: Green Bean Casserole,Gravy,Pumpkin

Final Thought on Bloggers reviewer pack.
-This is a cute well rounded pack.. A little bit of everything! As far as the shadows, its a very unique cute set, while it wouldnt be a set I would personally pick up, it is perfect for someone would loves more neutral colors. I do have to say Green Bean Casserole is one of the prettiest greens I have and I will be picking up a full size color! All colors blend extremely well  and they colors spread amazing! A little goes a long way!

Twilight Set:

Alice- A purplish blue with purple and silver glitter.
I really like blue-purples..and this one is no exception!

Bella Cullen- A matte black with tons of red glitter.
A very intense black with red glitter.. wheww you want black black in a mineral shadow.. this is it.
Bella Swan- A medium blue with silver glitter.
Looks crazy insane as a liner!
Esme- A super sparkly burgundy with gold glitter
Very pretty color.. makes a nice smokey eye!
Renesmee- A bubblegum pink with tons of silver glitter
Its pink!!! Nuff said!!
Rosalie- A frosty white/gold with tons of gold and silver glitter.
Great inner corner color!!!

                                               L-R: Rosalie,Renesmee,Bella Swan
                                                  L-R:Bella Cullen, Esme,Alice

Final thought on Twilight Set

This is a cute collection and if you have read the books then the colors make sense!! All colors spread and blend well!

Final thought:


-Fast shipping
-Cute packageing
-Great color pay off
-Primer is fan to the tabulous!

-Lip Balm  is a little greasy

Will I be ordering agian? Oh heck yes! I think this is a cute company, now while I don't see tons of colors that I want , there are a few that I MUST have!! I also have found a new primer that I will be purchasing on the regular!! 

Have you ever tried RagDolls? What do you like from them?

*Make sure to click on picture for maximum sparklies!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Team Pink Eye Project

I am very excited to be apart of the Team Pink eye Project and to be apart of all the wonderful bloggers and companies who have gotten together to raise money for Breast Cancer. There are going to be a bunch of fabulous looks and great giveaways through the month of October.. Be sure to check it out >HERE<

Without further ado here is my look.. This was a challenge for me to use all of one type of color.. yes there are different shades of pink but still.. this was actually my 3rd look I did .. I didnt like how the others came out.

What I used :

RagDolls Love you long time primer
Black Rose Minerals Glam and Venom
BFTE Angel
Linneaus Cosmetics Reef
Brazen <3
Fryinnae Darling Misfit
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Blinc Mascara
E.L.F Tinted moisturizer in Nude
RagDolls Envy Blush
Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Dizzy
E.L.F glossy Gloss in Ballet Slippers

I hope you like this look! Make sure to check out everyone elses looks and donate and enter those giveaways!! You can't win if you don't enter and its going to a great cause!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BlackRose minerals Revisted / Haul

The Company:A few months ago I did a review on BlackRose minerals. Since then I have been using the colors I have and been lusting over colors that I want, just waiting for the right time to order again. Well Rosa the lovely owner of BRM had a 100 sales/ Birthday sale. It was 30% off any size order, well I had to jump on that. I wanted some of the colors I been eyeing and wanted to see how the compnay has grown over the past few months. So I went through the site and got my order together, checked out through paypal and badda-bing, now all I had to do is wait for my pretties to arrive.
Shipping and packaging:My order took about a week to arrive. I ended up getting a 5 for $25 deal and a mystery pack ( what can I say Im a sucker for a surprise!) My pretties came in a bubble mailer and 5 choice shadows were wrapped in black tissue paper with a big sticker that says " thank for your purchase" My mystery pack was wrapped the same way with the sticker saying " Mystery Pack" There was also a bag that said " Thank You" with a rose stamp on it. Inside the envelope was a business card, a personal note from Rosa, stickers and a couple samples! Super excellent packaging!

5 choice shadows

Lost (Right) - "Adrift on a mysterious island with strange characters…what the heck is going on? This shade will help allay your fears with an alluring bright aqua and pink glitter for a surprising twist"

Venom (middle) - "Her bite is definitely worse than her bark… This shimmery violet has magenta hues shimmering under pink iridescent glitter."

Nessie -(Left) "This is no hoax, this deep teal which borders on the edge of green could very well be the real thing."

Doll Face (right) - "Bright, hot, popping pink. Just like a certain girl we know who just happens to have everything."

Grape Drank (middle) - "It doesn't get much more purple than this. If this were a drink, it would taste purple."

Mystery Pack:

Midnight Blue(left) - "A true matte Mediterranean blue. This was the color the Greeks would have painted with."

Noxious (right) - "A very shimmery greenish yellow "

Frost (middle) - "An iridescent violet tint in a white base."

Violater (right) ( free sample) - "An explosion of red and various holo glitters"

These colors are GORGEOUS. I am extremely happy with this haul!!  BRM continues to impress me and continues to feed my obsession for lovely shadows!! My favorites are Doll Face, Noxious, Venom, Midnight blue and Lost!!


Final thought:


- Great shipping time
- Lovely packaging
-Long lasting , excellent quality 
-Great customer service!

Will I be ordering agian? Oh yes!! I really like this company. I have seen changes since my last order and that is wonderful. Rosa continues to improve her company and the payoff is wonderful! I will be a BRM customer for a long time!!