Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An eternity ago....

I can't believe it.. it seems it was an eternity since I worked so hard on this blog, bringing my faithful readers lots of different companies, products and makeup ideas.. For those who will still read this, I am sorry I left for so long. After my dad died and I became homeless and depressed, it was hard for me to get up in the morning let alone blog about anything. I was in a very very dark place for a long time and didn't know how to pull myself out of it.

Now things have turned around and I feel like a brand new person. After over a year living in a hotel, being so broke and broken I have moved into a house with my brother , his girlfriend and my boyfriend. I have gotten a job which I love, and I am mentally healthy again.

I have always loved and still love makeup and have missed sharing my looks and reviews with everyone. I am still working on setting up my makeup table and getting everything situated but I will be starting PHLF again!!! It'll be a slow start but I will get up and running again.. I think I will also use this blog for fashion and jewelry also!

Stay tuned!!! I am also cleaning up this blog and getting rid of a lot of older posts! Its time for a fresh start!

Happy Blending!