Thursday, December 29, 2011

Innocent twisted Alchemy - A Review

*** I want to thank Linda for being patient with me.. This review took FOREVER to do because of a lot of personal things going on in my life.. Thank Linda .. you totally rock <3<3<3****

I was sent a few things from a company called Innocent Twisted Alchemy a few weeks back to review and share with all of you. ITA is a company out of Etsy that is making some headway in the Indie world. From their amazing color and payoff from the presentation/packaging. I believe that everything came in a bubblemailer. All products were in a cute xmas zip bag. Included was 1 fullsize (no sifter), 2 clamshell and 3 sample baggies. Also was a businesses card, a pamphlet of colors and ingredients , a picture and a personalized letter. The packaging is incredibly cute.. its got like a gothic, victorian  cartoon thing going on!

As far as labeling everything came with name of company, name of product, if its vegan and lip safe or not.

I ♥ when Angels cry - " a neutral pink with a slight golden sheen and flashes of blue sparkles"

Very light and pretty color , perfect for an inner corner color or for full lid..

Silent Lucidity - "a medium blue-ish gray with orange shimmer"

Crazy awesome color.. I love this for the crease or liner!

Venomous Kiss -" a light blue with soft yellow (not gold) sparkles "

This is also a great crease and liner color!! 

Twisted - "Violet with green sparkles"

Twisted makes a fabulous liner and crease color

Innocent - "neutral pink with lavender [eye-safe] glitter"

I love this and my lids love this color too!

Tragic Chord-  gold with orange and green sparkles .. (I can't find a description so this is what I'm seeing)

Wow this color is amazing.. all around a great color.. I am not into gold that's much but I love it

From L-R over MAC Paint Pot in Painterly: Silent Lucidity ,Venomous Kiss, Innocent
From L-R over Mac Paint Pot in Paintery: Tragic Cord,I <3 when Angels Cry,and Twisted

All colors have great payoff and blend like butter... They also look amazing and sparkle so much!

Final thought:

I really like this company , they are all around a great company..from the photography, presentation and payoff. The only thing I would have to complain about is there isn't a huge variety of colors but it must be taken into consideration that the owner Linda does have a full time job and this is still a new company.

Would I order? Yes.. I am gonna sit back and see what else ITA comes out with... I would love to see gloss in the future!! But yes I will order in the near future!!

How about you? See anything you like? Have you ordered from Innocent Twisted Alchemy?

 *All products were sent free of charge for review purposes, this in no way reflected the outcome of this review*