Thursday, December 29, 2011

Innocent twisted Alchemy - A Review

*** I want to thank Linda for being patient with me.. This review took FOREVER to do because of a lot of personal things going on in my life.. Thank Linda .. you totally rock <3<3<3****

I was sent a few things from a company called Innocent Twisted Alchemy a few weeks back to review and share with all of you. ITA is a company out of Etsy that is making some headway in the Indie world. From their amazing color and payoff from the presentation/packaging. I believe that everything came in a bubblemailer. All products were in a cute xmas zip bag. Included was 1 fullsize (no sifter), 2 clamshell and 3 sample baggies. Also was a businesses card, a pamphlet of colors and ingredients , a picture and a personalized letter. The packaging is incredibly cute.. its got like a gothic, victorian  cartoon thing going on!

As far as labeling everything came with name of company, name of product, if its vegan and lip safe or not.

I ♥ when Angels cry - " a neutral pink with a slight golden sheen and flashes of blue sparkles"

Very light and pretty color , perfect for an inner corner color or for full lid..

Silent Lucidity - "a medium blue-ish gray with orange shimmer"

Crazy awesome color.. I love this for the crease or liner!

Venomous Kiss -" a light blue with soft yellow (not gold) sparkles "

This is also a great crease and liner color!! 

Twisted - "Violet with green sparkles"

Twisted makes a fabulous liner and crease color

Innocent - "neutral pink with lavender [eye-safe] glitter"

I love this and my lids love this color too!

Tragic Chord-  gold with orange and green sparkles .. (I can't find a description so this is what I'm seeing)

Wow this color is amazing.. all around a great color.. I am not into gold that's much but I love it

From L-R over MAC Paint Pot in Painterly: Silent Lucidity ,Venomous Kiss, Innocent
From L-R over Mac Paint Pot in Paintery: Tragic Cord,I <3 when Angels Cry,and Twisted

All colors have great payoff and blend like butter... They also look amazing and sparkle so much!

Final thought:

I really like this company , they are all around a great company..from the photography, presentation and payoff. The only thing I would have to complain about is there isn't a huge variety of colors but it must be taken into consideration that the owner Linda does have a full time job and this is still a new company.

Would I order? Yes.. I am gonna sit back and see what else ITA comes out with... I would love to see gloss in the future!! But yes I will order in the near future!!

How about you? See anything you like? Have you ordered from Innocent Twisted Alchemy?

 *All products were sent free of charge for review purposes, this in no way reflected the outcome of this review*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kalamazoo Soap Co

I stumbled upon Kalamazoo Soap Co on one of my browse though Etsy nights! They have a nice range of soaps. bath salt and sanitizers, as well as very professional photography and very detailed descriptions. I immediately saw a few soaps that I wanted to try! KSC is a newer shop , opening on August 11 2011. I convroed the owners and after a few convros back and forth I was sent a package to review! The soaps arrived in a box with packing peanuts.. inside was a pamphlet , A thank you card , my 2 choice soaps and  4 additional soap samples, a face soap sample and a sample of bath salt. The packaging is cute and is complete with ingredients. 

 Twilight Soap - "A blend of exotic patchouli, spicy cinnamon, and woodsy, sweet cedarwood. A fabulous spicy, sweet aroma that is not too strong. Reminiscent of Halloween."

This soap smells incredible..  I can't even describe it.. Twilight is amazing and I was super excited to try it.. I can't stop sniffing it! This lathers great and leaves a subtle scent on the skin.

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey-" A rich blend of oatmeal, farm fresh milk and a dollop of honey with a hint of spice."

Ok so for those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile you know I have a thing for Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap. For those that don't know.. I have an obssesion for OMH soap! I have noticed that all companies make this kind of soap different.. As far as KSC's OMH soap.. Wow.. amzing .. it has a bit of a brown sugar smell.. but nothing overpowering.

Vanilla Fig - Blend of "Ripe Fig, Bergamot, Fresh Peach, Sweet Vanilla Musk, Candied Rum, Dark Amber"

This was my least favorite in the bunch.. Personally I don't care for the smell.. but like the other others it lathers great and leaves a faint scent.

Cherry Almond- " A delectable blend of lightly sugar coated, sweet, plump cherries and nutty almonds. Can't get enough of the smell of this soap! A top seller with our customers."

I didn't think I would like this soap.. I am not one for fruit smells.. but the balance of cherry and almond make this a truly lovely soap.. It doesn't have a extremely high cherry smell.. just enough.. its one of those soap you use and you feel pretty..

Dreamsicle-  "A blend of orange and cream. Smells just like the frozen treat, so much so that you might be tempted to want to take a bite."

So I had to go out and buy Dreamsicles after smelling this. Now being the fact that it is really a sweet smelling soap I couldnt use it for shower purposes but I left it in the bathroom for everyone to use as a handsoap and I am happy to say everyone loves it! A friend of mine said that she thinks it smells great and her hands feel truely clean after using it!

Goats Milk , Oatmeal and Honey - "All the benefits of Goat's Milk with the added benefits of Oatmeal Colloidal. Oatmeal Colloidal helps eczema, psoriasis, acne, bug bites, sunburn, & other minor skin irritations. Also aids in the relieve of chicken pox, poison ivy, oak, and sumac, as well as other itchy skin rashes. When skin is itchy & irritated, the skins PH levels may rise, Oatmeal Colloidal brings PH back down to normal levels, taming the need to itch. "

This soap is great!! It smells good and not only lather great but it leaves you with a fresh and clean feeling!

Green Tea Facial Bar - 'A spa like facial bar that will leave you skin clear and youthful. A blend of green tea, goat's milk, avocado oil, evening primrose (high in anti-oxidants), Bentonite Clay, and green tea leaves for a light exfoliate."

I can not rave about this face soap enough.. it is amazing. When applied it feels kind of like a mask to me.. I love it and can't wait to purchase a full size!

Pink Himalayan Spa Salt -- Unfortunately I am not able to review this.. I am a cabinet in my bathroom where I have all of my bath stuff.. well on one of the shelves I have my to be reviews soap and my soap driers.. Kalamazoo Soap Co packs their samples in wax paper bags and because i had a blonde moment I accidentally left  it next to the soap drier and the water soaked the bag.. yeah it was a mess and kinda upsetting.. I do have to say it smelt great!

All in All:

I like this company.. they are very friendly and professional. You can tell the care that goes into their products. All soaps lather great and leave just enough scent.. nothing overpowering. So between the photography, descriptions , packaging and the actual product, I have to say they are sure to be a favorite of everyone who enjoys a great smell quality soap!

Will I order? Oh yeah I gotta get some more of the Green Tea Face Soap and there are a few more soap I want to try!

To bring you a little more about this company I asked Tracy a few questions!! Here they are

1.How long have you been making soap for?
We started making the soap in late 2010, first just for ourselves and then deciding to start a business after friends and family fell in love with our soaps. We are a husband and wife team. My husband is the soap maker and I am the "everything" else maker. We work together on what soaps we would like to offer and then I do the artwork, labels, wrapping, and marketing.
2. How did you come up with the name Kalamazoo Soap Co?
Well, we live in Kalamazoo and thought Kalamazoo is a unique name people would remember. Since our soaps are made the old fashion way, we thought Kalamazoo Soap Co. sounded like something you would hear/see back in the 1800-1900's. From there we carried the vintage idea into our packaging and label. The logo is actually a painting of Main St. in Kalamazoo from the early 1900's.

3. What is your favorite soap to make , and the one that is hardest to make?
My husband enjoys making all the soap but does particularly like the ones that he puts colorants, clays, or powders in and swirls them around. I will have to say that we tried a "Camper's Soap" which consisted of a lot of stinky oils and decided immediately that one was not going to be produced again. It took 2 weeks to get the smell out of everything. It did work great for repelling bugs....and probably everything else too:)
4. You have some interesting / unique soaps ie Dirt (Hunters ) soap and Apple Jack Soap.. How do you come up with these.. do you plan to make that scent or is it an oops? 
The Dirt soap is an actual fragrance oil meant to smell just like dirt. It really does too. Everyone laughs in amazement when they smell it. The Apple Jack is a fragrance oil already mixed to smell like it does. So far all our scents that we mixed ourselves have turned out how we planned.

5. Do you have a signature soap that is close to your heart?
I don't know if we can pick just one that we like the best. We both have some that we like better than others but all that we are happy with. I think our favorite soaps are what we consider "beneficial soaps", the ones that help skin issues. We use various clays, powders, oils, butters, and essential oils that help people that have skin problem, sensitivities, or wish to improve their skin. 

 *All products were sent free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RagDolls Bath and Body- A review

The Company and Ordering:

I have heard plenty of wonderful things about RagDolls Bath and Beauty from various bloggers and they have been on my list for quiet awhile. After looking and relooking at the shop I finally decided to give them a shot! RDBB is located on Artfire. Artfire is easy to browse and RDBB break their products into sections , which is always wonderful!! RDBB has tons of cute products, collections , bath and body and even jewelry!

Shipping and packaging:On Oct 4th I placed my order. I ended up picking up a bloggers review pack and the Twilight sample set. A few hours later It was marked shipped and it arrived on Oct 6th.. 2 day shipping.. hell to the yeah!!!!( I think it took a couple days but this is what I wrote down..)  My pretties arrived in a small bubble mailer. Everything came in a organza bag. My sample shadows were wrapped in tissue paper, along with business card , button and temp tat! Kudos for such cute packaging!!

The Products:Bloggers Review Set: For shadows I received the not yet released Thanksgiving set! (Please forgive my descriptions, I may be off.. my eyes are getting old ) 

Love You Long Time- "This eye primer is a thick, creamy consistency and works like a glue for your eyelids"
OMG I love this stuff! I am ordering a full size very soon. It works great and lasts all day. Very easy to use and about 15 bucks cheaper than the primer I usually use!

Lust Blush - "A deeper, shimmery pink for your cheeks."
A pretty blush.. I am not huge into face makeup so really don't know how to compare.. I did use a couple times and Lust blends nice and lasts a while!

Tickle me Lip Balm- 
This is such a pretty color! If I got to choose a color for my lips to always be it would be this color. My only complaint is that this balm is a little greasy.

Turkey - A bright gold with gold glitter
Awesome lid color.. and it screams when foiled!

Pumpkin Pie - Orange with Gold glitter
Very nice color!! Reminds me of a pumpkin!!!

Mashed Potatoes - Beige white with tons of pearly sparkle
This looks cool as a highlight color or even an inner corner color. If your more of a soft color person this is great for you!

Gravy- Deep Brown with gold and pearly flecks
This makes an amazing smokey eye.. Also works great as a deep crease color or liner.

Green Bean Casserole - Med-dark green with gold duo chrome .. Kinda metallic
This has to be my favorite color in the bunch!! Absolutely beautiful color. I will be picking a full size of this color up! Green Bean Casserole has moved up to one of my favorite greens!

Cranberries- Red with pearly sparkles
Very pretty red!
(Agian I hope I got the descriptions close)
                      All swatches done over Love you long time: L-R Turkey,Cranberries,Mashed Potatoes
                                                        L-R: Green Bean Casserole,Gravy,Pumpkin

Final Thought on Bloggers reviewer pack.
-This is a cute well rounded pack.. A little bit of everything! As far as the shadows, its a very unique cute set, while it wouldnt be a set I would personally pick up, it is perfect for someone would loves more neutral colors. I do have to say Green Bean Casserole is one of the prettiest greens I have and I will be picking up a full size color! All colors blend extremely well  and they colors spread amazing! A little goes a long way!

Twilight Set:

Alice- A purplish blue with purple and silver glitter.
I really like blue-purples..and this one is no exception!

Bella Cullen- A matte black with tons of red glitter.
A very intense black with red glitter.. wheww you want black black in a mineral shadow.. this is it.
Bella Swan- A medium blue with silver glitter.
Looks crazy insane as a liner!
Esme- A super sparkly burgundy with gold glitter
Very pretty color.. makes a nice smokey eye!
Renesmee- A bubblegum pink with tons of silver glitter
Its pink!!! Nuff said!!
Rosalie- A frosty white/gold with tons of gold and silver glitter.
Great inner corner color!!!

                                               L-R: Rosalie,Renesmee,Bella Swan
                                                  L-R:Bella Cullen, Esme,Alice

Final thought on Twilight Set

This is a cute collection and if you have read the books then the colors make sense!! All colors spread and blend well!

Final thought:


-Fast shipping
-Cute packageing
-Great color pay off
-Primer is fan to the tabulous!

-Lip Balm  is a little greasy

Will I be ordering agian? Oh heck yes! I think this is a cute company, now while I don't see tons of colors that I want , there are a few that I MUST have!! I also have found a new primer that I will be purchasing on the regular!! 

Have you ever tried RagDolls? What do you like from them?

*Make sure to click on picture for maximum sparklies!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Team Pink Eye Project

I am very excited to be apart of the Team Pink eye Project and to be apart of all the wonderful bloggers and companies who have gotten together to raise money for Breast Cancer. There are going to be a bunch of fabulous looks and great giveaways through the month of October.. Be sure to check it out >HERE<

Without further ado here is my look.. This was a challenge for me to use all of one type of color.. yes there are different shades of pink but still.. this was actually my 3rd look I did .. I didnt like how the others came out.

What I used :

RagDolls Love you long time primer
Black Rose Minerals Glam and Venom
BFTE Angel
Linneaus Cosmetics Reef
Brazen <3
Fryinnae Darling Misfit
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Blinc Mascara
E.L.F Tinted moisturizer in Nude
RagDolls Envy Blush
Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Dizzy
E.L.F glossy Gloss in Ballet Slippers

I hope you like this look! Make sure to check out everyone elses looks and donate and enter those giveaways!! You can't win if you don't enter and its going to a great cause!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BlackRose minerals Revisted / Haul

The Company:A few months ago I did a review on BlackRose minerals. Since then I have been using the colors I have and been lusting over colors that I want, just waiting for the right time to order again. Well Rosa the lovely owner of BRM had a 100 sales/ Birthday sale. It was 30% off any size order, well I had to jump on that. I wanted some of the colors I been eyeing and wanted to see how the compnay has grown over the past few months. So I went through the site and got my order together, checked out through paypal and badda-bing, now all I had to do is wait for my pretties to arrive.
Shipping and packaging:My order took about a week to arrive. I ended up getting a 5 for $25 deal and a mystery pack ( what can I say Im a sucker for a surprise!) My pretties came in a bubble mailer and 5 choice shadows were wrapped in black tissue paper with a big sticker that says " thank for your purchase" My mystery pack was wrapped the same way with the sticker saying " Mystery Pack" There was also a bag that said " Thank You" with a rose stamp on it. Inside the envelope was a business card, a personal note from Rosa, stickers and a couple samples! Super excellent packaging!

5 choice shadows

Lost (Right) - "Adrift on a mysterious island with strange characters…what the heck is going on? This shade will help allay your fears with an alluring bright aqua and pink glitter for a surprising twist"

Venom (middle) - "Her bite is definitely worse than her bark… This shimmery violet has magenta hues shimmering under pink iridescent glitter."

Nessie -(Left) "This is no hoax, this deep teal which borders on the edge of green could very well be the real thing."

Doll Face (right) - "Bright, hot, popping pink. Just like a certain girl we know who just happens to have everything."

Grape Drank (middle) - "It doesn't get much more purple than this. If this were a drink, it would taste purple."

Mystery Pack:

Midnight Blue(left) - "A true matte Mediterranean blue. This was the color the Greeks would have painted with."

Noxious (right) - "A very shimmery greenish yellow "

Frost (middle) - "An iridescent violet tint in a white base."

Violater (right) ( free sample) - "An explosion of red and various holo glitters"

These colors are GORGEOUS. I am extremely happy with this haul!!  BRM continues to impress me and continues to feed my obsession for lovely shadows!! My favorites are Doll Face, Noxious, Venom, Midnight blue and Lost!!


Final thought:


- Great shipping time
- Lovely packaging
-Long lasting , excellent quality 
-Great customer service!

Will I be ordering agian? Oh yes!! I really like this company. I have seen changes since my last order and that is wonderful. Rosa continues to improve her company and the payoff is wonderful! I will be a BRM customer for a long time!! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SweetPea and Fay on Heartsy Review

I was so excited that SweetPea and Fay were featured on Heartsy. Being a favorite company of mine I just had to purchase a voucher. I bought this voucher as my last VIP on Aug 11th. I saved it for a bit and made my order on Sept 4th via Etsy. Etsy is super easy to use as well as the checkout is easy.
My order was shipped on Sept 1 and my order arrived on Sept 19. My package came in securely in a bubble mailer. I noticed immediately that SP&F has changed up their label.. They are so cute!!

I ordered the pick 5 and Lip Anomalies " Ghost of Petra" tinted lip balm

A is for Awesome - "A really pretty bright purple shade. With undertones of magenta. It has a shimmery finish with pink and purple reflects in it."

Redonkulous -" a dark lavender like purple. It has tons of shimmers and purple reflects to it."

Calamity- "a bright perwinkle like shade with blue undertones. This powdered blue/purple mineral applies with a satin matte feel and has a tiny bit of blue reflects in certain light."

Moe Madio- "a rich dark navy blue. It has a perfect amount of navy shimmer and reflects to it. When applied it looks like a dark midnight blue with black undertones"

Witches brew- "a sultry deep shimmery purple. It`s a very sexy shade with it`s dark purple smokey effect it has when applied."

Ghost of Petra - "is a vamp-like bright red lip shade. It has a hot pink like look when worn lightly. It also has a lip stain quality which makes it very long wearing. Can be built up to make a really stunning 1940`s pin-up girl look. Flavored with sweet french vanilla."

From L-R over UDPP: Witches Brew, Calamity, A is for Awesome, Momadio, Redonkuloussw
Final Thought:

These colors are fantastic and SP&F remains a favorite of mine! These colors blend lovely and last a long time. Each time I order from SP&F they colors get better and better!! I have already gathered a few more colors I need to get.. I can't wait to order again!

Which SweetPea & Fay colors are your favorites!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SideShow Soap Co- A review

I was browsing through Etsy one night , looking for a B&B company to try. Thats when I stumbled across SideShow Soap Co. I was amazed at not only the name but the photography as well. I started to browse through the well rounded selection of products and decided to send a convro to the owner asking her about TAT and mini lotions, I also inquired about working together on a review. I got a quick response back stating that her TAT is 2-4 days and they will be offering minis very soon. She also said that she would be interested on working on a review. So after a few more convros back and forth Jessica said that she sent a package my way!

A couple days later this wonderful little box arrived at my doorstep! When I first opened it there was a buisness card and a big company card. It also had a faint smell of popcorn, which is what SideShow soap co uses to pack their orders. I think that is not only cute but original also! Jessica's presentation is wonderful.. as you see!

The array of goodies that were sent are

The Painted Lady Body Scrub (full size) - "Violet Woods. Bright, lady-like and intriguing. A colorful bouquet of Victorian violets, french lavender, pale roses and purple iris with a soft base of well-manicured woods and sweet musk."

I can not rave about this enough.. I absolutely love it.. it not only smells incredible but it makes my skin sooo soft. I like how this company uses spheres and not sugar.. sugar body scrub just makes me feel icky.. This is a holy grail item! 

The Albino Alligator lotion (sample size) - "Magnolia acacia. A bayou beauty. Pure white magnolia, lily of the valley, tuberose and jasmine gaze out at you with a gleaming red eye of acacia wood."

I really like this lotion.. it moisturizes lovely and smells great.. it doesn't leave a heavy scent which I like. The only thing is that it takes a few min to soak into the skin.. but that is the thing with a lot of indie companies that have lotion.. they don't put in the funky stuff, which is great!!

The Serpent Bride (full size soap) - "Lotus Flower. An undulating blend of jasmine and exotic roses with a tantalizing base of sultry amber, sandalwood and musk."

WOW!!! this smells incredible. Now if you have been a reader for awhile, you'll know I am not into flowery smells.. but this is UH - to-the MAZING, it's not a POW in your face flower smell.. its very subtle, and the musk tones it down.. SideShow Soaps lather great and leave a hint of smell on your skin, not overpowering!

The Human Blockhead (sample size soap) - "Rarest cardamom and peppercorn hammered into a heart of sweet rosewood, sandalwood and bracing vetiver. Precious tonka bean and amber soften the blow of this curious blend"

This isnt my favorite out of the bunch, but I don't dislike it.. It smells pretty good, but nothing compared to Serpent Bride. It lather great and leaves a faint smell on the skin.

The Egress (sample size soap) -"Egress: a means or place of going out; an exit. Oak leaves and crushed acorns. Swirling leaves and a faint whisper of pine greet you as you walk through the door. A mournful wild violet dances past as it dawns on you that you've been had by those damn carnies.'

This is a perfect fall soap! It really puts me in the mood for Halloween! Everytime I smell it I want a Starbucks Cafe Mocha.. lol ( when fall really hits that is my drink at Starbucks!!) This soap also lathers great and leaves a faint smell on the skin

Candy Floss -"Cotton candy bubblegum vegan lip balm. An explosion of pink sweetness!"

I love this lip balm.. it moisturizes wonderful and smells awesome. Cotton candy bubble gum is what ya get! Love it! The only thing was the first use it kinda chipped, but after the first layer it was fine. I keep this on me all the time!!

Will I buy from SideShow Soap Co?

Yes I actually will be ordering this week! I have my list all ready to go just waiting for payday! I really like this company. From the photography, to the presentation and packaging , to the actual product. The soap lathers great and you feel refreshed and clean!! It also doesn't melt fast.. some soap melt so fast that you can only use a full size like 3-4 times and samples once or twice. These soaps don't do that! I can not rave about this company enough. I will be a long time customer to SideShow Soap Co.

Have you ever tried SideShowSoap Co? Would you like to? 1 lucky winner will win a sample soap of Freakshow!

What do you have to do?

-Be a follower of this blog and comment below.. Don't forget your email address

Extra entry- Tweet about this giveaway make sure to mention @christaroze

This giveaway will take place from Today Tuesday Sept 27 to Friday the 30th. Giveaway will end on the 30th at 9pm est. A winner will be chosen shortly after 9pm via Random .com.

*All products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are based on my own experience*

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Heartsy Review

This review is wayyyy overdue, when I went to do the review the shop was closed temporarily. By the time I realized it was back open many weeks went by but here it is my hi-fi cosmetics on Heartsy review!!
We are gonna revisit Hi-Fi Cosmetics today. As you know they are one of my favorite indie companies and when they were featured on Heartsy I jumped on that quickly! I had a buncha Heartsy credits saved up so never actually paid outta pocket for this one! It was $10 for $35 worth of products! I ordered on July 6th and received my goods on July 27th.. Which is about 3 weeks. As usual my order came secure and wrapped wonderfully!

The products I got are:

Dismemberment Constellation - "is a cosmic purple with blue duochrome and a twinkling galaxy of blue sparkle!'
I like this color but I think its more pink than purple.. in fact I would call it a hot pink

Jingle Bell Rock - "is a vivid purple jam-packed with teal and iridescent glitters! This is the "punk rocker" of the collection!!"
This color screams at you! looks amazing at the crease or foiled as a liner!

Prophecies and Curses - "is an amazing, glowing medium-green "
Fabulous!!! I love this on my lid.

Epidemic - "is a vivid green with intense gold highlight and iridescent sparkle"
Wow.. I didnt think I would like this color when I first opened it but once applied this color will wow you.

Things that can not speak- "is a deep magenta hue with lots of fuschia and indigo glitters. "
This is a beautiful purple! One of my new favs!

Three Libras (free sample)- "is a cool, pale, shimmering beige with lots of iridescent sparklies!"
I havent actually worn this yet.. its pretty just not inspired by it..

Omen (free sample) - "is a rich, stony purple with a hint of moonlit iridescence"
I was super stoked when I saw this sample, I have been aching to try it for a while and happy I have it!!! It looks amazing!

Novacaine Spotlight Lip Glaze -"is a smooth and creamy moisturizing gloss with softening Vitamin E. This product is thick, but not sticky, and has an almost balm-like feel"
Still unsure about this.. I thought it would have been a bolder color

Sad Love Spotlight Lip Glaze- "is a frost-laden pink with beautiful sparks of rose and iridescence!"
This is actually going to something else so won't be swatched because I am giving it to someone

 L-R over  ELF eye primer : Phophecies and Curs, Things that can not speak, Omen
 L-R over ELF eye primer : Three Lib, Dismemberment Constellation, Jingle Bell Rock, Epidemic

I like this company.. the shadows are always lovely. The TAT time was a little long , granted that was the Heartsy sale so its to be expected.

 What do you think of Hi-Fi Cosmetics? What are your favorite products from them?