Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Heartsy Review

This review is wayyyy overdue, when I went to do the review the shop was closed temporarily. By the time I realized it was back open many weeks went by but here it is my hi-fi cosmetics on Heartsy review!!
We are gonna revisit Hi-Fi Cosmetics today. As you know they are one of my favorite indie companies and when they were featured on Heartsy I jumped on that quickly! I had a buncha Heartsy credits saved up so never actually paid outta pocket for this one! It was $10 for $35 worth of products! I ordered on July 6th and received my goods on July 27th.. Which is about 3 weeks. As usual my order came secure and wrapped wonderfully!

The products I got are:

Dismemberment Constellation - "is a cosmic purple with blue duochrome and a twinkling galaxy of blue sparkle!'
I like this color but I think its more pink than purple.. in fact I would call it a hot pink

Jingle Bell Rock - "is a vivid purple jam-packed with teal and iridescent glitters! This is the "punk rocker" of the collection!!"
This color screams at you! looks amazing at the crease or foiled as a liner!

Prophecies and Curses - "is an amazing, glowing medium-green "
Fabulous!!! I love this on my lid.

Epidemic - "is a vivid green with intense gold highlight and iridescent sparkle"
Wow.. I didnt think I would like this color when I first opened it but once applied this color will wow you.

Things that can not speak- "is a deep magenta hue with lots of fuschia and indigo glitters. "
This is a beautiful purple! One of my new favs!

Three Libras (free sample)- "is a cool, pale, shimmering beige with lots of iridescent sparklies!"
I havent actually worn this yet.. its pretty just not inspired by it..

Omen (free sample) - "is a rich, stony purple with a hint of moonlit iridescence"
I was super stoked when I saw this sample, I have been aching to try it for a while and happy I have it!!! It looks amazing!

Novacaine Spotlight Lip Glaze -"is a smooth and creamy moisturizing gloss with softening Vitamin E. This product is thick, but not sticky, and has an almost balm-like feel"
Still unsure about this.. I thought it would have been a bolder color

Sad Love Spotlight Lip Glaze- "is a frost-laden pink with beautiful sparks of rose and iridescence!"
This is actually going to something else so won't be swatched because I am giving it to someone

 L-R over  ELF eye primer : Phophecies and Curs, Things that can not speak, Omen
 L-R over ELF eye primer : Three Lib, Dismemberment Constellation, Jingle Bell Rock, Epidemic

I like this company.. the shadows are always lovely. The TAT time was a little long , granted that was the Heartsy sale so its to be expected.

 What do you think of Hi-Fi Cosmetics? What are your favorite products from them?

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  1. I love Hi-Fi's shadows! I haven't ordered from them in such a long time. And I still haven't tried the Lip Glazes. I know a lot of people really love them! Thanks for the review and swatches!