Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SweetPea and Fay on Heartsy Review

I was so excited that SweetPea and Fay were featured on Heartsy. Being a favorite company of mine I just had to purchase a voucher. I bought this voucher as my last VIP on Aug 11th. I saved it for a bit and made my order on Sept 4th via Etsy. Etsy is super easy to use as well as the checkout is easy.
My order was shipped on Sept 1 and my order arrived on Sept 19. My package came in securely in a bubble mailer. I noticed immediately that SP&F has changed up their label.. They are so cute!!

I ordered the pick 5 and Lip Anomalies " Ghost of Petra" tinted lip balm

A is for Awesome - "A really pretty bright purple shade. With undertones of magenta. It has a shimmery finish with pink and purple reflects in it."

Redonkulous -" a dark lavender like purple. It has tons of shimmers and purple reflects to it."

Calamity- "a bright perwinkle like shade with blue undertones. This powdered blue/purple mineral applies with a satin matte feel and has a tiny bit of blue reflects in certain light."

Moe Madio- "a rich dark navy blue. It has a perfect amount of navy shimmer and reflects to it. When applied it looks like a dark midnight blue with black undertones"

Witches brew- "a sultry deep shimmery purple. It`s a very sexy shade with it`s dark purple smokey effect it has when applied."

Ghost of Petra - "is a vamp-like bright red lip shade. It has a hot pink like look when worn lightly. It also has a lip stain quality which makes it very long wearing. Can be built up to make a really stunning 1940`s pin-up girl look. Flavored with sweet french vanilla."

From L-R over UDPP: Witches Brew, Calamity, A is for Awesome, Momadio, Redonkuloussw
Final Thought:

These colors are fantastic and SP&F remains a favorite of mine! These colors blend lovely and last a long time. Each time I order from SP&F they colors get better and better!! I have already gathered a few more colors I need to get.. I can't wait to order again!

Which SweetPea & Fay colors are your favorites!!


  1. I picked up a heartsy voucher too and just spent it over the weekend...I haven't tried SweetPea and Fay before, but I'm really excited :)

  2. Very pretty! Love all these colors you ordered! SP&F has been on my to-try list. Some day I will have to check them out!

  3. Caitie.. when u get yours let me know what ya think!! Peach.. girl u gotta.. u wont be dissapointed.. i knw how "the list" is.. mine doesnt ever seem to get smaller lol

  4. Love that look you created, really pretty! I haven't heard much about this company, will have to check them out.

  5. May I ask what shades you used for the lid and crease in your look? I have an SPF heartsy voucher to use, and I'd like to get those two shades :-)