Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another BFTE review!!!

 Hey Lovelies!!

 So I have another review from Beauty from the Earth! Anybody that knows me on facebook  knows that BFTE is one of my top 5 favorite companies to order from (ok top 3 ) One of my favorite reasons that I like BFTE so much is because their multi- use minerals are such a wonderful product for a good price 6.50 for 3 grams of product. They also have awesome quick shipping and wonderful customer service!

 This is actually 3 weeks worth of orders including the color of the week. What is the COTW? The BFTE team will choose a few colors and the fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter will vote for the one they want, then the votes are added up, the color that has the most votes id the COTW . The COTW is a full size jar for $2!

So lets get to the colors!!!! Most descriptions are directly from the BFTE website which will be in quotes

Aloha- "Light Pink with golden-Teal sparkle that really comes out when applied wet." This is a pretty color and does look great when applied wet, I do not see myself wearing this color often , the sparkle kind of gets everywhere, please don't get me wrong its a great color and it does look beautiful but just not an often color for me

Aruba (sample) - A very light Matte brown. this is a lovely color that blends very well. It is one of those colors that you can wear to the office or to the club, it works well with other colors! A very nice corner color!!

Belle of the Ball - A medium to dark matte purple. This is by far one of my favorite colors. Its amazing as a lid color as well as a crease color. It blends well and just simply is a beautiful color

Black - "Matte Black, Soft in both texture and color. Applied wet it is a true deep black." Wow this color was not what I expected. I was pondering on ordering for awhile. I thought heck black is black no matter where you get it from, well i was wrong, this is truly the most stunning black I have ever seen, my poor other black colors have now been neglected since I got this. BFTE takes the cake on this one!

Black cherry(sample)- "Smooth Matte blackened deep red. The phrase "chocolate cherry" comes to mind" Yes this description is very true! I wasn't really sure if I was gonna like this color or not but I do. However I don't see myself using it very often because it is a bit too dark for me.

Breeze (sample) "Shimmery light baby blue with white shimmer" I was sketchy on this color at first, which is why I stuck with a sample. It's a nice color and looks good as a corner color or a liner. I don't think I will be wearing it to often though and probally wont get a full size jar. The reason is its too light for my taste. Still a nice color and I am happy with my sample jar!!

                                  Top right to left  no base          (same order)
                                    Aloha, Aruba,                      Over NYX Jumbo
                                    Belle of the Ball, Black            pencil in Milk
                                    Black Cherry, Breeze

Candy shop (sample)- A soft light pink with a pearly sheen . This is a pretty color, looks great as a liner or corner color! Also very pretty when blended from the corner into cheeky! I most definitely  will get a full size eventually!

Cheeky (sample)- A bright light purple with very low sparkle, almost matte. This is a fun color.. and very hard to describe!! Its very bright!! I actually like this color, not an everyday color for me but looked crazy awesome as a liner. I still am not sure if I will get this as a full color , Ill have to try a couple more combos with it.

Cocoa (sample)- " Dark Neutral Toned Brown with Silver Shimmer." I was shocked by this color.. for some reason I thought it was gonna be different from what it is.. I guess I was thinking it was going to be more plain and that it is not.. very pretty color.. and it blends great!!! I am definitely going to get a full color!!

Grassy- A medium matte Green.  This also is a favorite of mine. I had bought a sample jar ( as seen in my last review) and immediately feel in love with this color! I usually wear it at least 3 times a week! It truly looks like Grass . spring  grass not the autumn grass!

Grace- "Smooth nearly matte graceful medium to light blue" Very pretty blue with the most subtle sparkle to it, it's one of the most loveliest blues I have ever seen, not to light and not to dark. Kinda of reminds me of a powder blue! Only thing is that it looks darker on the BFTE website then it does in real life.

Illusion- "Dark green Biased Teal, really breathtaking applied wet" This is a funky fun color .. a metallic like color! This isnt an everyday color for me but looks great when going to the club!

                                  Top L- R ( No Base)                    Same order
                                  Candy shop , Cheeky                   Over NYX
                                  Cocoa , Grassy                            Jumbo Pencil
                                  Grace , Illusion                            in Milk

Isis- "Low-shimmer Blackened blood red, with red-bronze under tones" I really don't wear reds very often and don't see myself wearing this a lot but a great color all the same.. Very vampire, like it should be worn during an Anne Rice movie!

Jaded (COTW)- "Icy apple green with tons of silver sparkle" I really like this color.. 1 cause its just a beautiful color and 2 cause its green!! At first
i thought the silver sparkle was going to be to much but it meshes well together!!! For some reason when I look at this color it reminds me of spring night at the club!!

Lemon(sample)- "Bright Clean Shimmery Yellow; Not too cool, not too warm Perfectly balanced yellow." This statement is perfectly true. I am not much into yellows but this is beautiful with just the right amount of sparkle. I am totally getting a full size jar, and soon!! I see myself wearing this color a lot!!

Lovestruck (sample)- Part of the Sweet and Sexy Valentines day collection. BFTE sent a free sample baggie with my order for 2 orders so I emptied the baggies into an extra sample jar that I
 had  . A light to medium purple with a pink with a purple- silver sparkle . A very fun color and it applies wondrously. I haven't tried this color wet but I believe this color would especially pop when doing so. Will most definitely buy a full size jar of this!! * This color is only available as part of the Sweet n Sexy collection for the time being*

Meow (COTW)- This is a hard color to describe, its a light peachy color with a pearly shine.  I was very iffy on this color but given it was the COTW I was like " what the heck " so I got it. It took me a few days to even break it out but I am so happy that I got it. It looks fantastic and is especially vibrant when applied wet.

Paradise- A baby blueish color with a pearly shine. So this is a cool color , This is actually the color of my boys Jr 's basketball team's shirts which is why I think I like it so much! It is a beautiful color and a must for anyone that is really into blues. Looks insanly great when applied wet. Makes a great liner.

                             No Base- Top L to R                   Same order
                             Isis , Jaded                                  Over NYX
                             Lemon , Lovestruck                    Jumbo Pencil
                             Meow, Paradise                          in Milk

Passion (sample)- "Medium Pink With Violet Shimmer" It also looks like there is silver sparkle in there too but may be my eyes. The color looks like bubblegum , the kind you got as a kid.. the awesomely pink kind!  So so so pretty and I will be getting a full size of this color asap!!

Stunning(COTW) WOWZERSSSSS. Oh my goodness Stunning does not even begin to explain this color. A hot pinkish color with pink sparkles . Blends nicely , and looks fabulous wet and this color is highty pigmented!!!  * This is a new color and was offered as a mystery COTW . It isnt out for sale and I am not positive when it will be out. I will do a post when it is!! *

Sugar Daddy (COTW) - "Light to mid-tone purple with red sparkles." This color is a little to dark for my skintone and really doesn't look very good on me. It is a pretty color but I don't see myself going to this very often. * I am going to play around with it a little more and see if results come up different*

Sugar Plum-  "Purple with red undertones and lots of sparkle" This is such a fun color, very shiny and fun to wear!! This color not only looks incredible dry but also wet and as a liner! When worn as a lid color and Caribbean under liner it truly is amazing!

Tangerine (sample) "Brilliant juicy  medium orange with golden shimmer"  Tangerine is a nice color but not one of my favorites. I am glad I have it and eventually will get a full size. A good color for any makeup lover to have in their collection ... You never know when you'll need a little orange in your life.. !!

Triple Berry - So if Raspberry , Grape and Blueberry got together and had a baby, Triple berry would be the result. The perfect purplish, pinkish shade with a sparkle that is truely yummy.

                               No Base Top L-R                       Same order
                               Passion, Stunning                       Over NYX
                               Sugar Daddy, Sugar Plum           Jumbo pencil
                               Lemon, Triple Berry                   in Milk

Twisted (sample)- "Muted matte yellow with a green undertone" WOW fun color. Not one of my everyday colors but still funky all in the same! I will definitely get a full size of this.

Whisper - "Sheer creamy beige with a violet duo chrome" This is a nice color and I love the duo chrome.. even though it looks more pink to me but thats good I love pink! Works wonderful as a corner color and highlight!

                                                 Left side                    Right side
                                               Twisted no base          Twisted NYX jumbo pencil
                                               Whisper No base         Whisper Nyx jumbo pencil

Well thats my review!! Be sure to check out BFTE and get your own gorgoues minerals!!

And remember "Play Hard, Look Fabulous"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cherry Culture Review

I recently made a hefty purchase from Cherry Culture!!! CC sells all different cosmetics products from such names as NYX, LAsplash , Playboy and Milani.. To be honest I never heard of most of the names but I stayed opptimistic and kept looking.. The prices were awesome and they seemed to have stuff that i would use!! However I did do my research and what seems to be the biggest problem is the swatches but I took the chance and continued to order.

I ordered on the 19th and it was delivered on the 24th so 5 days.. Hmm it seemed alot longer maybe the anticipation. CC ships USPS and my order came in a sturdy box and it was securely shipped with paper tightly wrapped around my products. It also included an invoice. Everything was there and in perfect condition. They even included a free lip balm , which I love!! Shipping was free over $40.00


Amuse 10 palette in pixi:
The colors are white, green, purple , hot pink, blue, yellow, orange, a tealish color, gold and black ( all the colors are a frosty type colors)

I used this a couple times and I really don't care for it.. For 1 the shadow is more creamy then dry and while it is pretty well pigmented .. it does not blend well at all and actually flakes.

Nyx single eyeshadow : White / matte

Its a simple white matte shadow I have used this a few times and love it. It goes on easy peesy!!

Jordana color effects eyeshadow : Yellow

This is a great yellow shadow it goes on easy and blends pretty good! I probably wouldn't ever get it again but I am happy with the purchase!!

Nyx Chrome Loose Powder : Platinum

This was actually one of the items I was most excited about , I am not a silver shadow wearer but thought it was pretty, However I was a bit disappointed with this item. For 1 when you open it shadow gets everywhere. i guess that is because there is no sifter there is a cover but its a pain to get out and when you do the product gets all over. The color is pretty but not the intense silver i was thinking/ hoping it would be. So all in all I was sad about this and don't see myself wearing it often.


L.A. Girl Fineline : Black

This is a black liquid liner  and what really made me look at this is that its like a pen! I really am 50/50 on this product though on the pro side It is like a pen and holds good, It also does have a fine line. On the con side you have to keep re-dipping every few seconds and that gets irritating

Amuse soft eye pencil : Metallic green , Metallic pink and Silver

Metallic Green- Its a pretty green sort of metallic, but you have to keep going over and over for a decent color pay off

Metallic Pink- I really love this color , It's very pink and while you do have to go over a couple times it does have a great color payoff!!

Silver - this is my least fav of the 3 , it hardly shows on the eyes and yes its silver but come on I want it to show a bit

Now the thing that irritated me about these is the cap do not stay on for anything. You turn the pencil upside down and it comes off. Maybe its me but that's aggravating.

LA Girl Endless Auto Eye Pencil: Olive ,Lilac and Teal

Now I am not going through the colors with this one but when I swatched them they came out wonderful on my wrist but when trying to apply them to my eye they didn't show up hardly at all. I defiantly will not be ordering any of these again

NYX Crystal Liner : Crystal Jade

I LOVE THIS!! It is so pretty and the perfect teal turquoise color. It goes on great and stay there!!  The applicator wasn't my favorite applicator though , its kinda flimsy but I can look past that because the product is fantastic!!

Lip Liner, Lip gloss and Jumbo pencil

Nyx Jumbo Pencil: Milk

I Love this, Oh my goodness!! I use it as a primer and it works great, doesn't crease and stays all day. and unlike MAC paint pots it comes off nice and smooth.

Nyx Long Lip Pencil :

This is a good lip pencil.. Its a great brownish shade that goes on and smudges well.

Nyx Girls round lip gloss : Kiss and Brown Topez

Kiss- A light pink with sparkles. The color is great and the sparkles are very faint and not overpowering. This is actually one of my favorite glosses . A lot of people say it smells funky but personally I think it smells like juice

Brown Topez- A light almost bronze brown with sparkles. Now I really dont know why I got this color cause I'm not really a brown gloss type of person but I am actually happy with it.. It not a hardcore brown so it doesn't wash me out. The smell is the same

The shadow swatches were done over Nyx Jumbo pencil milk

I also order 2 other products that aren't shown
Nyx smudge brush-  Its a small brush and is soft but has the firmness I need . It does what I need it to do!
Jordana Lip pencil  in wild orchid - This is my fav lip pencil and the reason it isn't shown is cause I actually lost it earlier , I was super upset lol. But no need to worry I just found it!! I it a lovely shade of pink kind of a pink purple . It goes on beautifully!!

So would I order agian?? Yes , I already have!!

Pros: It was easy shopping. The packaging was secure and they even included a free lip balm. A lot of the products I really do like!

Cons: Swatches weren't accurate. Some of the products while cheap, were not worth it.

All in all a good experience, I just have to be careful and order from certain lines

Remember " Play Hard , Look Fabulous" !!