Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SweetPea and Fay on Heartsy Review

I was so excited that SweetPea and Fay were featured on Heartsy. Being a favorite company of mine I just had to purchase a voucher. I bought this voucher as my last VIP on Aug 11th. I saved it for a bit and made my order on Sept 4th via Etsy. Etsy is super easy to use as well as the checkout is easy.
My order was shipped on Sept 1 and my order arrived on Sept 19. My package came in securely in a bubble mailer. I noticed immediately that SP&F has changed up their label.. They are so cute!!

I ordered the pick 5 and Lip Anomalies " Ghost of Petra" tinted lip balm

A is for Awesome - "A really pretty bright purple shade. With undertones of magenta. It has a shimmery finish with pink and purple reflects in it."

Redonkulous -" a dark lavender like purple. It has tons of shimmers and purple reflects to it."

Calamity- "a bright perwinkle like shade with blue undertones. This powdered blue/purple mineral applies with a satin matte feel and has a tiny bit of blue reflects in certain light."

Moe Madio- "a rich dark navy blue. It has a perfect amount of navy shimmer and reflects to it. When applied it looks like a dark midnight blue with black undertones"

Witches brew- "a sultry deep shimmery purple. It`s a very sexy shade with it`s dark purple smokey effect it has when applied."

Ghost of Petra - "is a vamp-like bright red lip shade. It has a hot pink like look when worn lightly. It also has a lip stain quality which makes it very long wearing. Can be built up to make a really stunning 1940`s pin-up girl look. Flavored with sweet french vanilla."

From L-R over UDPP: Witches Brew, Calamity, A is for Awesome, Momadio, Redonkuloussw
Final Thought:

These colors are fantastic and SP&F remains a favorite of mine! These colors blend lovely and last a long time. Each time I order from SP&F they colors get better and better!! I have already gathered a few more colors I need to get.. I can't wait to order again!

Which SweetPea & Fay colors are your favorites!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SideShow Soap Co- A review

I was browsing through Etsy one night , looking for a B&B company to try. Thats when I stumbled across SideShow Soap Co. I was amazed at not only the name but the photography as well. I started to browse through the well rounded selection of products and decided to send a convro to the owner asking her about TAT and mini lotions, I also inquired about working together on a review. I got a quick response back stating that her TAT is 2-4 days and they will be offering minis very soon. She also said that she would be interested on working on a review. So after a few more convros back and forth Jessica said that she sent a package my way!

A couple days later this wonderful little box arrived at my doorstep! When I first opened it there was a buisness card and a big company card. It also had a faint smell of popcorn, which is what SideShow soap co uses to pack their orders. I think that is not only cute but original also! Jessica's presentation is wonderful.. as you see!

The array of goodies that were sent are

The Painted Lady Body Scrub (full size) - "Violet Woods. Bright, lady-like and intriguing. A colorful bouquet of Victorian violets, french lavender, pale roses and purple iris with a soft base of well-manicured woods and sweet musk."

I can not rave about this enough.. I absolutely love it.. it not only smells incredible but it makes my skin sooo soft. I like how this company uses spheres and not sugar.. sugar body scrub just makes me feel icky.. This is a holy grail item! 

The Albino Alligator lotion (sample size) - "Magnolia acacia. A bayou beauty. Pure white magnolia, lily of the valley, tuberose and jasmine gaze out at you with a gleaming red eye of acacia wood."

I really like this lotion.. it moisturizes lovely and smells great.. it doesn't leave a heavy scent which I like. The only thing is that it takes a few min to soak into the skin.. but that is the thing with a lot of indie companies that have lotion.. they don't put in the funky stuff, which is great!!

The Serpent Bride (full size soap) - "Lotus Flower. An undulating blend of jasmine and exotic roses with a tantalizing base of sultry amber, sandalwood and musk."

WOW!!! this smells incredible. Now if you have been a reader for awhile, you'll know I am not into flowery smells.. but this is UH - to-the MAZING, it's not a POW in your face flower smell.. its very subtle, and the musk tones it down.. SideShow Soaps lather great and leave a hint of smell on your skin, not overpowering!

The Human Blockhead (sample size soap) - "Rarest cardamom and peppercorn hammered into a heart of sweet rosewood, sandalwood and bracing vetiver. Precious tonka bean and amber soften the blow of this curious blend"

This isnt my favorite out of the bunch, but I don't dislike it.. It smells pretty good, but nothing compared to Serpent Bride. It lather great and leaves a faint smell on the skin.

The Egress (sample size soap) -"Egress: a means or place of going out; an exit. Oak leaves and crushed acorns. Swirling leaves and a faint whisper of pine greet you as you walk through the door. A mournful wild violet dances past as it dawns on you that you've been had by those damn carnies.'

This is a perfect fall soap! It really puts me in the mood for Halloween! Everytime I smell it I want a Starbucks Cafe Mocha.. lol ( when fall really hits that is my drink at Starbucks!!) This soap also lathers great and leaves a faint smell on the skin

Candy Floss -"Cotton candy bubblegum vegan lip balm. An explosion of pink sweetness!"

I love this lip balm.. it moisturizes wonderful and smells awesome. Cotton candy bubble gum is what ya get! Love it! The only thing was the first use it kinda chipped, but after the first layer it was fine. I keep this on me all the time!!

Will I buy from SideShow Soap Co?

Yes I actually will be ordering this week! I have my list all ready to go just waiting for payday! I really like this company. From the photography, to the presentation and packaging , to the actual product. The soap lathers great and you feel refreshed and clean!! It also doesn't melt fast.. some soap melt so fast that you can only use a full size like 3-4 times and samples once or twice. These soaps don't do that! I can not rave about this company enough. I will be a long time customer to SideShow Soap Co.

Have you ever tried SideShowSoap Co? Would you like to? 1 lucky winner will win a sample soap of Freakshow!

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*All products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are based on my own experience*

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Heartsy Review

This review is wayyyy overdue, when I went to do the review the shop was closed temporarily. By the time I realized it was back open many weeks went by but here it is my hi-fi cosmetics on Heartsy review!!
We are gonna revisit Hi-Fi Cosmetics today. As you know they are one of my favorite indie companies and when they were featured on Heartsy I jumped on that quickly! I had a buncha Heartsy credits saved up so never actually paid outta pocket for this one! It was $10 for $35 worth of products! I ordered on July 6th and received my goods on July 27th.. Which is about 3 weeks. As usual my order came secure and wrapped wonderfully!

The products I got are:

Dismemberment Constellation - "is a cosmic purple with blue duochrome and a twinkling galaxy of blue sparkle!'
I like this color but I think its more pink than purple.. in fact I would call it a hot pink

Jingle Bell Rock - "is a vivid purple jam-packed with teal and iridescent glitters! This is the "punk rocker" of the collection!!"
This color screams at you! looks amazing at the crease or foiled as a liner!

Prophecies and Curses - "is an amazing, glowing medium-green "
Fabulous!!! I love this on my lid.

Epidemic - "is a vivid green with intense gold highlight and iridescent sparkle"
Wow.. I didnt think I would like this color when I first opened it but once applied this color will wow you.

Things that can not speak- "is a deep magenta hue with lots of fuschia and indigo glitters. "
This is a beautiful purple! One of my new favs!

Three Libras (free sample)- "is a cool, pale, shimmering beige with lots of iridescent sparklies!"
I havent actually worn this yet.. its pretty just not inspired by it..

Omen (free sample) - "is a rich, stony purple with a hint of moonlit iridescence"
I was super stoked when I saw this sample, I have been aching to try it for a while and happy I have it!!! It looks amazing!

Novacaine Spotlight Lip Glaze -"is a smooth and creamy moisturizing gloss with softening Vitamin E. This product is thick, but not sticky, and has an almost balm-like feel"
Still unsure about this.. I thought it would have been a bolder color

Sad Love Spotlight Lip Glaze- "is a frost-laden pink with beautiful sparks of rose and iridescence!"
This is actually going to something else so won't be swatched because I am giving it to someone

 L-R over  ELF eye primer : Phophecies and Curs, Things that can not speak, Omen
 L-R over ELF eye primer : Three Lib, Dismemberment Constellation, Jingle Bell Rock, Epidemic

I like this company.. the shadows are always lovely. The TAT time was a little long , granted that was the Heartsy sale so its to be expected.

 What do you think of Hi-Fi Cosmetics? What are your favorite products from them?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Morbid The Merrier- A review

The Company:
 The Morbid The Merrier has been on my list for such a long time but to be honest , I am so picky on scents, like annoying picky. Well after winning RiverCityLizzys 100+ giveaway which included  full size bottle of Noelia I was hooked. Noelia smells so blasted lovely I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists ( which made an interesting night at the bar.. my friends kept thinking I was losing my mind ). At the time I went to the site it was closed.. So I waited and finally it opened. I hopped over to Etsy and placed my order. TMTM has a nice selection of oils for anyones ideal scent. I ended up choosing choose 5 sample set.
Shipping and packaging:My order arrived on Sept 9th in a bubble mailer. It took 10 days from ordering to receive, not bad! My smell good came carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue wrap in a cute fashion and also include a card and a free sample! 
The Products
The scents I chose are-

Delina -  "is a scent for a woman with a dark side. It's black garters and blood red lips, sweet and sinister simultaneously. Lotus gives it innocence, amber grounds, and red wine gives it just enough naughty! I think it's something Miss Delina herself would have liked."

          I love this scent..It absolutely smells incredible. I can't stop smelling myself when I wear it.. This will be a full size purchase! Delina definitely has a dark and sexiness to it!

Athelia - the blackest fig, accompanied by spice, wood smoke, earth and moss... softened and sweetened with lotus flower.

          I have a love/hate relationship with this scent.. I don't love it but don't hate it. It does smell good and smells pretty good on me but I would not buy a full size of it. Honestly don't know how much I will wear it. It may go in the purse as an emergency scent.
Lucy-White-out! A melange of white, white, white. White musk, white sandal, vanilla bean, indian white amber and white pepper. But don't worry. I've added enough black to keep it interesting.

         I was very iffy on this scent, it really didn't sound like something that would smell good on me, I was wrong. This is a fantastic scent and I love it!

Kuku- " is a stunning combination of sweet neroli, wood, and leather. It's the feminine version of my Black Jack. Opens up sweet and flowery but, like her namesake, should not be underestimated... this lady has quite a dark side!"

        This is the only scent I do not like. It doesn't smell good to me, to much like flowers .I knew from first smell it is not a Christa scent. Don't get me wrong it smells good, just not the deep musky, dark smell I like.

Paramour- "Oh, romance. Or something like it. A dozen red roses, spilled wine, a hint of blood, and gunsmoke"

        Wowzers.. Beautiful scent.. I love everything about this! I can't wait to purchase a full size! For some reason this smell reminds me of the Gone with the Wind. Go with me on this one. Roses.. something that would of been around a plantation house.. spilled wine.. cause Scarlet is a diva.. blood... cause of bloodshed due to war... and gunsmoke.. cause of war.. I don;'t know thats what it reminds me of.. 

I orginally wanted Organ Grinder  but convroed and asked to switch it out for Paramour and the owner Lysa quickly replied "Absolutely". Well Lysa sent Organ Grinder anyways!

Organ Grinder -" Spicy, dark, and seductive. A heavy base of tobacco, smoke, pepper and wood, rounded out by just a touch of sweet. A deep, masculine scent - to be worn only by the ones our mothers warned us about"

I have to admit when first choosing this I wanted it based on the fact Organ Grinder is an Emilie Autumn song, and she is one of my favorite artist! Once I read the description I thought it would be too deep of a scent for myself, thats why I asked to switch it out, but when Lysa sent it anyway I was super stoked to try it out. This oil reminds me of Emilie Autumn's Organ Grinder song. Its deep and dark, but still lovely.. something right out of the Dark Asylum.

Final thought:


-Good variety of scents and products
-Decent pricing
-Good communication
-Good shipping time
-Incredible scents

-I don't like the one scent, but that shouldn't reflect the shop

Will I be ordering agian? Oh yes!! I can't wait to order a couple full sizes and some more samples! I am already adding things into my cart!