Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Rose Minerals: A review

The Company:I just stumbled across Black Rose Minerals one night and immediately fell in love with the name! So I decided to check out their site. BRM site is easy to navigate, Its broken down into category's, Full size, sample size.. etc. Its also has sub categories listed by color which I like I usually gear more towards greens, purples and pinks! All the colors are beautifully swatched and have cute names and each listing has product descriptions and whether its lip safe, nail or face safe. The ingredients are listed for each individual color! I decided on picking up 2 sample kits 1 kit containing 6 jars and 1 containing 10 baggies.  Rosa the lovely owner emailed immediately responding that my order has been received and she also includes additional samples in every order.. if there were any that i especially would like to choose. I said that she can just surprise me!! She also sent an additional email asking which colors would I like in jars ( I completely forgot to list that.. it was 4 am and insomnia was kicking my butt) so I replied which ones I wanted. Now that is awesome customer service!!

Shipping and packaging:
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I placed my order early morning on March 24th and paid through paypal . I received my package on April 1st. Everything came in a regular mailer inside was my shadows wrapped in tissue paper and bubble-wrap, they were also in plastic bags. I received an invoice which had a thank you written on it as well as stickers.. I think its a nice touch!. Also included was a business card , A discount code and a handwritten note from Rosa the owner. There were also 3 extra smaller samples. I did receive a conformation email about my order was shipped. Shipping was free!!

 The Products
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So my 19 samples are as the following 6 came in a jar 10 came in a bag and free samples and the free samples came in a smaller baggie * all product description are taken right from the site*
Sample jars 1/4 teaspoon in a 3 gram jar.. I think these jars are cute!
Sample bags 1/8 teaspoon.. These are larger baggies and do make is easier to grab shadow but they are very flimsy bags and they kinda tear
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Full size shadows-without sifter is approx 3/4 -1 teaspoon  with sifter is 1/2 to a 3/4 teaspoon. I dont know what size jars theses are but a rough guess is a 5gram jar
Alice- " A mixed blue with massive amounts of aqua and glitter, High Shine and High Glitter"!
Alpine-"This light blue is like a snowy sky. It has a delicate lavender iridescence that really shines when worn wet. Wear dry for a sheer frosty blue highlight."
Confused- "What color is it? We don't really know. But our sources tell us there may be violet, gold, green and/or blue. What we do know is that it's a great sheer neutral." Denver-" A bright light orange with a shimmery golden finish"
Ghost-" A true matte white"
Glam- "A vibrant high-shimmer purple with a pinkish metallic shine and a touch of turquoise and pink glitter. The violet tones are accentuated when worn wet. The beautiful glitter finish shows best when worn dry."
Hocus Pocus-" A magical magenta hue voilet highlights and aqua and purple shimmer'
Jessica's Favorite-" A shimmery violet with magenta hues"
Lady-" A beautiful blue-green with gold shimmer.Like the lady of legens its both mysterious and appealing"
Liberty-"like the lady, this green is very much like oxidized copper. a little bit of pink glitter with a slight metallic finish"
Little boy-" A shimmery metallic blue"
Medusa-" This won't turn men to stone, but it may stop them in their tracks.This deep green glitter away when worn dry and shimmers like scales when worn wet."
Mome Rath- ' This shocking violet nearly glows on its own, Magenta undertones add to its appeal"
Noxious-" a very shimmery greenish- yellow"
Phantom-"Mysteriously dark, but it won't fade into the night. This deep violet has a splash of purple, blue and pink glitter
"Poseidon-" A powerful teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter"
Ultraviolence- an iridescent lavender in a pearly white base"
Were Me Out-" Best suited for the two natured, this dark green is extremely shimmery,Wet turns into a metallic green while dry shows off shimmery tone"
Zelda-"A missing link between green and pearly white. This light green is slightly minty with a pearlescent shine. Worn dry it shows off sheer green, wet reveals a more Elfen shimmer with a pearly shine."

These are some intense colors! they blend beautiful and last all day. My favorites are Medusa, Were me out, Posiden, Hocus Pocus, Jessica's Favorite, Ultraviolence and Noxious, Zelda, Phantom and Confused
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                Top:Dry.. Middle NYX jumbo pencil in Milk Bottom: Nyx jumbo pencil in Black Bean
From right to left: Denver, Confused, Alice, Lady, Hocus Pocus, Phantom, Zelda, Were Me Out, Posiden, Medusa, and Glam
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Same order top to bottom Right to left: Alpine, Noxious, Ultraviolence, Mome Rath, Liberty, Ghost, Little Boy, Jessica's Favorite
 Final thought:
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                          I used Ghost, Hocus Pocus, Noxious,Posiden, and Medusa
- Great variety of colors
- Easy site navigation
- Excellent customer service
- Pretty good shipping time from Cali to Jersey 
- Beautiful colors 
- Blending is good and they last all day
-Excellent presentation!

- I didn't like the baggies they are easily breakable

Will I be ordering agian?
Oh most defiantly.. I think this is a cute company , I love the name , customer service and products.  I cant wait to see what other awesome colors and products this company will come up with! I am sure we will be seeing great things from this company!!!

What do you think?

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                             I used Ghost, Zelda, Medusa, Were Me out and Liberty


  1. Thanks for the review!!! BTW i have started using sturdier 2X2 sample baggies only the additional free samples will have the flimsier baggies (only because i have to use them up).

  2. No prob!!! It was my pleasure!!! Awesome.. I cant wait to order from you agian!!! I have so many colors that on my wishlist.. and a couple of my samples i have almost used up.. <3 your stuff!!!

  3. Great review! And you have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. I love all the eye shadows you got from BRM but I don't think they ship to my country :( Gorgeous eye looks btw!

  5. @mNg I know its a bit inconvenient, but if you don't see your country in the list you can always email me your order and i can invoice you through paypal. =)