Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brazen Cosmetics - A Review

                                   BRAZEN: (bra`zehn) 1) Shameless and bold. 2) Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity.
The Company:

 I have been eyeballing Brazen Cosmetics for a while now on etsy.. They have a fab selection and the products pictures are done very professionally as well as they seemed to be a well established fav of the indie makeup world so I went ahead to start my order. There are alot to choose from and couldn't make up my mind so I started searched for a sample pack. I actually couldn't find some so I sent a convro to the company asking if they did samples. The lovely owner Sandi sent me a swift reply saying she sure does and will make a custom listing for me.. she also offered to help with color selection. I thought that was awesome of her!! Since my purchase Sandi has closed her etsy shop and is avalible on Artfire. Brazen is getting their very own website opening May 1st!
*Note: This post is real late due to her Brazen was closed because she moved and I was waiting till she re-opened, also with my uber busy life lately. Be sure to check out the SURPRISE at the end of the post!!!*

Shipping and packaging:
So I ordered on March 1st and by march 3rd I had a tracking number. Well sandi was nice enough to send me an email to let me know it actually went out on the 4th.. Which is very nice of her. I still think its quick ship out time!! My package arrived on the 11th so a little over a week from ordering time, which isn't bad. My stuff arrived in a regular bubble mailer. Inside was my invoice with a personalized thank you written, which I like. 2 free samples (1 lip scrub and 1 shadow) and my 5 shadows! My shadows were wrapped securely in tissue paper! There was also a business card that said thank you and had a coupon code for next order! Shipping was $2.75. $2.25 for the 1st item and $.50 every item after that. That very good for shipping

The Products:
Full size shadows : $5.49 for a 5 gram jar and sifter full of product
Sandi created a custom listing for me for my sample I got 4 3 gram jars for $10. It had tons of shadow in them
I got 5 shadows , 4 samples and 1 full size limited edition and they were all individually sealed. The full size has a sifter . the samples came in a jar and not a baggie. Each jar has the name and the ingredients on the bottom. I really am in love with these colors ! They are uber pigmented and vibrant and last all day! The colors also go on and blend like butter and you only need a teeny bit it really goes a long way. There was also a free sample of Jinx and Mango mango lip scrub

Shenanigans (full size LE)- so I first have to say is i got this color for 2 reason .. 1 its a beautiful forest green and 2 because of the name. I am Irish and love all things Irish ( I mean i have 4 leaf clovers tattooed to my hand and the Irish flag tattooed to my arm) . This color is described as a dark forest green , almost black with green sparkles. I have used this color as a crease color, lid and liner and WOW it looks amazing.

Karma (sample jar)- A light to medium purple that when applied looks almost florescent with pink,purple and blue sparkles. This is by far my favorite purple i own ans i own alot of purples! I can not wait to get a full jar of this color. This is defiantly a awesome of the awesome color!

Music Box (sample jar) A tealish blue with blue and purple sparkles.. I have worn this color alot since I've gotten it and I have received soo many compliments on it.. This color is so beautiful and bright.

Coy (sample jar) A turquoise with blue shift, purple micro glitter and highlight. This is a very nice color and works awesome as a liner!

Alluring (sample jar) -  Blue/green and some days it looks like green/blue, with aqua sheen and green sparkle . This is an awesome color, Looks amazing as a crease and liner! 

Jinx ( free sample ) -A purple lilac shimmery shade!! Looks fan to the tabulous when applied foiled(wet) has a metallicness thing happening. 

Mango Mango lip scrub ( free sample) "Lip scrub will keep the dry flakies at bay and soften up skin so that your lips are always ready for their close-up." Wow this is another awesome of the awesomeness product.. I use this almost everyday and my lip have never felt softer!!  <3 it!
                                                                  (click on pic to make it huge) 
Top:Dry, Bottom :Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk  Left to Right- Jinx,Coy, Karma,Music Box, Alluring Shenanigans 
Final thought:
-Great colors
-The color payoff is wonderful
-Amazing customer service
-Good pricing ( fairly competitive)
-Great packaging
-Found my favorite purple ever (Karma)
Cons: NONE!!!!!!!

Will I be ordering again? 
Most defiantly. I'm actually waiting on an order! I really like how Sandi is very active on the Brazen Facebook page.. She goes on frequently and always comment on fans pic, questions and comments. They have new products often!  I think this is an amazing company and everyone should go right now and check it out!!! <3<3<3

Sandi was nice enough to offer a promo to all of you beautiful readers!!! How does a free gift sound?? Awesome right!!! Well enter the code Christa and you will get a free gift on purchases $25 dollars and over!!! Wow free gift.. Hoorayyyy!! What are you waiting for go check Brazen out!! <3<3 

Take care everyone and remember "Play Hard , Look Fabulous"


  1. Awesome swatches!Karma and Shenanigans are my fav of the group.

  2. This company has been on my 'to-try' list for a while.

    I'm especially interested in that mango lip scrub!

    Fierce Nerditude