Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick tip!

Hey lovelies..

Here's a quick tip for you. Now when your cleaning your brushes .. either spot or deep cleaning have the bristles, have you ever had the bristles crush? Well i have a quick solution for those pesky brush hairs.

1 Grab your brow/ lash brush

2. Take the brush with the crushed bristles in one hand and the brow brush in the other
3. Now comb out the brush gently

 And whaa-la  brush has not crushed bristles!!

I hope this was helpful for everyone!


Take care and remember to " Play Hard, Look Fabulous"!


  1. So easy (and a creative way to put that comb to use lol!!)

  2. Thank you! I totally just went and did that to my favorite brush, which I was considering throwing away because I was so frustrated! ^_^ That's awesome.

  3. Aw man, now I have to clean my comb in case my brushes get borked. That's the ONE thing I've been extremely lazy about taking care of, haha.