Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I actually did this a few days ago but I thought I would share it with you now. I haven't blogged much lately . I have a couple reviews coming up soon but havent really bought anything new .. I actually am saving for a cruise that I am going on!!!

Now for the look!! This is actually one of my favorites!

 All the shadows are from BFTE

Very vanilla - I used for the highlight.. Its a matte color.. kinda off white
Black- Used at the crease and for smoky type effect.. Its a matte Black
Stunning - On lid - A fantabulous Hot pinkish color with pink sparkles!!! One of my favorite colors!
Illusion- At the corner and blended into stunning . A teal/green color!!
Peacock- Used as bottom liner accent .Bright turquoise with gold/green sparkle!! Another Fav!!!

Eyeliner - Jordana easyliner for eyes in black
Primer- MAC paint pot in panterly  and  NYX Jumbo pencil in milk- used on lid
Mascara- Maybelline the falsies in black

Brushes used:

Mac 217- To apply black smokey look
Loew & Cornell mini mop 1/4 - to help with blending black
NYX B27 large shadow brush- To apply Very vanilla highlight
Mac 239- To apply stunning to lid
NYX B 17 smudge brush-  To apply illusion
Loew & Cornell Dome Round brush (272) - To apply stunning in corner
Loew & Cornell 7400 angular 1/4 - To apply Peacock liner

Well thats the look!! I hope you enjoyed it!! If you have any questions please let me know.
Take care and remember " Play Hard, Look Fabulous!


  1. The teal and pink look really pretty together, espcially the blended part on the lid where the colours merge :)

  2. Thanks !!! They really do look awesome together!!