Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi Fi Cosmetics- A review

The Company and Ordering:
I first saw Hi-Fi Cosmetics on Etsy awhile ago and had my eye on a bunch of colors. When I went to order Veronica had put her shop in vacation mode. So time went on and eventually opened back up for buisness. After more time went by Hi-Fi had a sale. In honor of the NON apocalypse , there was a $10 off of $20 or more. So I thought it was a great time to try this highly recommended company. I placed my order on May 22nd via Artfire. Artfire is very easy to use and most of the colors lists the ingredients , whether it's vegan, whether it's lip safe,size and description.
Shipping and packaging:
I ended up ordering the 5 shadows for $20.00 with the discount it came to $10.00. Shipping was $1.00 which is the best shipping ever. Now the shipping time did take a bit long but Veronica was experiencing alot of power outings and storms. She did update her Facebook page as often as she could. On June 6th I messaged Veronica about my order, she quickly messaged me back apologizing and stating that it should ship the next day and that she has been busy running errands that her husband who is away on military duty does. I can appreciate that being my brother is in the Army. I received my package on June 13th In a bubble mailer. My shadows came in bags. 4 in 1 bag and 1 in another bag. There was an invoice included as well as a business card and 2 samples baggies which were in another bag.
The Products:
I was so excited for the colors that I started using them immediately. I really like how the color and ingredients are on the bottom of the jar.

Another Day, Another Drama- "is a vibrant purple with ultra-fine cosmetic grade holo glitter and tons of pink and fuschia sparkle!"
 This is a beautiful color and has made it to my favorite purples!
Punk Rocker- "is a dark pink metallic shade with LOTS of flamingo pink sparkle"
 A very vibrant pink! You need sunglasses when looking at it! hehe .. This has also made it to my favorites!
Psycho Mind-  "is a very dark and complex asylum of color-shifting magic!"
 Very nice color! Make a fantastic smokey eye
Magic Spell- "is a bright-blue on a duochrome base, loaded with deep purple glitter!!!"
 A pretty blue!!
Suicide Trees- "is a deep, metallic teal on an opaque black base! As beautiful as it is dark and ominous!" Wow.. just Wow.. This yet again has made it to my favorite collection!
Don't Forget The Violence (sample)-" is a shimmering bright blue with lots of turquoise sparkle!" Awesome blue! Looks awesome as a liner
Red Wine (sample)- "is a purpley wine color with lots of wine-toned shimmer!"
 Very pretty color!!
L-R over E.L.F Eye Primer: Don't forget the violence, Red Wine, Suicide Trees, Another Day another drama, Magic Spell, Psycho Mind, Punk Rocker

Final thought:


-Awesome colors
-Great customer service
-Easy ordering
-Secure shipping
-Found 3 favorites!
-Good price
-Supporter of the Military ( I know that's a bit personal but I am a HUGE supporter of the military)
-Descriptions on jar

-Long shipping time ( I know that it was due to storms but felt it had to be mentioned)

Will I be ordering agian? Yes. Yes and yes!! I already have! This is a great little company and Veronica is an awesome owner!

*Product description came directly from the site*

 A look I did using Another Day Another Drama,Suicide Trees, Punk Rock, and Don't Forget the Violence


  1. Oh my! That eye that you did with these is stunning! =D

  2. Another day Another Drama is awesome, I need to pull it out! Love the look you did :)

  3. Pretty colors! I haven't ordered from Hi-Fi in a while, but I have always been impressed with their shadows! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. @Vijaya.. thanks love!! @robyn,, yes its a lovely color!! @peach thanks!! yes they have amazing colors!!

    Thanks ladies for ur comments!

  5. Awesome review! Love the colours you picked.