Monday, December 1, 2014

Influenster- BlogSTAR VirtualVox

I joined Influenster in December of 2011 with the hopes of trying new products. I had just began the wonderful adventure of blogging and was eager to try new things and connect with other people. I remember the day my 1st voxbox arrived, it felt like Christmas, I immediately  grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures of the opening process and products. Then came the fun part of trying the products, Whether it was a new dish soap, mascara, nail polish or candy, trying the product and documenting my opinion on it. After that I write up a review, add some pictures and then share with the world.

My favorite VoxBox has to be the Jadore Voxbox 2014. FrizzEase and Lashes and Kisses ,Oh My!!! This was by far my favorite box. After trying all the products I had to run out and get some full sizes! Some of these items I would of never tried let alone bought.

The Influenster site is by far my favorite! Not only you can look at reviews of different items but you can review them also. You can ask and answer questions and rate the items. As well as connect with social media and gain points,earn badges or even just hang out in The Hub. Whenever I go shopping I make sure the Influenster app is ready to go.

Influenster became one of my favorite site very fast. To have a company that wants to send me stuff for free to write my opinion and share it with the word is priceless to me.